Valentina – Finished

May 24, 2023 1 Comment

This wonky little quilt is done.


I wrote more details about the origin of these blocks in a previous post, if you want to read it, but the short story is I was gifted the blocks and they all had issues that I happily worked around.


The main issue was they were all extremely uneven in every way. Instead of trying to square them up, which was pretty much impossible, I embraced their imperfections and made a perfectly imperfect quilt.


Nothing in the quilt is square and it’s filled with a bunch of wavy lines. But I have to say that not worrying about square blocks really takes the stress out of quilting. LOL


Since the front of this quilt was all about imperfection, that’s what I did for the back as well.


I used the three leftover blocks and patched together a backing using whatever I had in my stash. Again, I didn’t worry about anything being straight.


I kind of love how this sliver of yellowy gold fabric just barely came through once I trimmed the back.


Now this little red quilt is done and is perfect just the way she is. Have you ever made a wonky quilt?

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Malibu – Finished

April 11, 2023 Leave a comment

The clock was ticking to get this quilt posted, since there are traces of snow in the pictures and I didn’t want to be posting snow pics in June, so here we go. This is my finished Malibu quilt.


When I first wrote about this quilt, I explained how it’s made from castoffs of flying geese blocks, which made for a pretty quick and easy project.


I think the randomness of the triangles and fabric, going in different directions with no rhyme or reason, keeps your eye moving across the quilt. This is an example of how sometimes the simplest patterns can create such an impactful design.


The quilt is nearly all Ruby + Bee solids with some Heather Ross Malibu fabric mixed in.


The back is a pieced together with scraps, like most of my quilt backs are.


It’s hard to see the back fabric, but the large pink piece is something random I think someone gave me, but the aqua pieces are Lotta Jansdotter.


This quilt is now officially done and hanging on the quilt ladder in my living room. I’ll probably keep it there for a while because it’s very springy – perfect for the season. Talk again soon.

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Winter Watch

March 22, 2023 Leave a comment

I love half square triangle quilts. There are so many variations and ways to organize the blocks, that it offers endless opportunities for quilt patterns. My latest quilt is an experimentation with half square triangles and color.


When I started working on this quilt I knew I wanted to do a striping effect, so I organized my fabric by color into four similar(ish) color groups: deep purple/blue, bright yellow/red, teal blue/light purple and light yellow/pink.


I moved these blocks around many times because I kept changing my mind. I originally planned to do a half and half look, which is ultimately what I ended up with, but I also tried striping it all together. In the end, I went with my original plan. I think I like it?


I should mention the fabric in this quilt is from different Alison Glass collections. I love her modern take on batik fabrics, something I’m not typically drawn to.


Now I have to start thinking about backing for this quilt. Do I go bold like the quilt top, or something subtler?


Feel free to weigh in, and thanks for reading!

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Crossroads to Texas – Finished

March 6, 2023 1 Comment

I had to look back when I originally made this quilt top, and it was the end of summer 2019. So here we are, a few years later, and it’s done! Some quilts just take time.


This block is Crossroads to Texas. I saw an old quilt years ago made with it and created my own version. I’m sure a pattern exists somewhere, but I haven’t seen it.


Most of the fabric is original Cotton + Steel with some other random scraps mixed in.


I intentionally made it very scrappy because that was the look I was going for. Sometimes I like a more uniform, matching look in my quilts, but more times than not I like a scrappy quilt.


While it’s a scrappy quilt, the thing that ties it together are the colors. I stuck to pinks and blues with some teal and aqua mixed in. Love these colors!


Like the front, the back of the quilt is scrappy. I had a large piece of Cora fabric by Tessie Fay that’s in the center, and a big piece of Parson Gray I used for the top and bottom.


The piece along the left side is the Friends fabric Joann Fabrics had a few years ago. Still love that fabric!


And that’s a wrap on this quilt!


It took time to finish this one but I think it was worth the wait.

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This Old House – Finished

October 24, 2022 1 Comment

My blog posts this year have been minimal, but I’m trying to have a strong finish. Let’s get those blog numbers up with a quilt I took photos of last December. I’m a little behind.


If you like scrap quilts, this is for you. The pattern is simple and uses some smaller scrap pieces, but the finished quilt looks great, IMO. I tried to choose scrap fabrics with colors that all meshed but weren’t too matchy matchy.


To pull it all together I used consistent red, mustard yellow and neutral sashing around each block. I like having that consistent element to offset the scrappy fabrics.


The back of this quilt is also pieced together with scraps. I stuck to a more neutral back but it still complements the front.


As I wrote in my original blog post about this quilt, the fabrics are not my usual choice and lean more traditional, but I really like how it turned out. In fact, I might use this one around the house for a while. Until next time…

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Darling – Finished

October 17, 2022 Leave a comment

I’m so happy to finally reveal this project. Say hello to my Darling quilt.


Last year, Denyse Schmidt asked me to make a quilt for her next fabric collection, Darling. If you are a longtime reader of this blog you know that Denyse is one of my favorite fabric designers, so I was thrilled to get my hands on the collection early and make a quilt for the fabric launch.


I happily used my Thanksgiving break last year to make this quilt top. That is how far in advance these things take to come to fruition. And I’ve had to keep my lips sealed about it since then!

Denyse and I decided I would make her Courting Steps pattern, which is Denyse’s version of Courthouse Steps. The pattern is available for free on Windham’s website. You can find it HERE.


It’s an easy pattern and ends up being about a lap sized quilt, but you can adjust that and add blocks if you want something larger.


One thing I did that is not reflected in the pattern and is hard to see in the images is to add (sparingly) some of the patterned white fabric to the white sections. It’s just a little something to add more interest. You can see it better in this image.


I hope some of you take advantage of the free pattern and make your own version. I would love to see quilts that use different fabric combinations and how you make it your own.


Be sure to tag me @brooklynquiltingco on social media if you make this quilt. Thanks for reading!

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Five + Ten

April 11, 2022 Leave a comment

Let me introduce you to the quilt that made my head spin and almost broke me.  Between the quilt math, the pattern, and the layout, this one had me mentally exhausted.  That said, I think it turned out great. LOL


There are many parts of this quilt making process that could have been easier, but I had a limited amount of fabric and was trying to stretch it as far as I could.  Had I had more wiggle room with the fabric it wouldn’t have been so difficult, but I needed every last inch of my fat quarters so I had to get every measurement and every cut right.  Pressure!


In the end, I did have to add in some Ruby + Bee solids to get enough blocks, but I kind of like the unexpected solids here and there. It makes it not so perfect and I sometimes like my quilts that way.


The main fabric in this quilt is Denyse Schmidt’s Five + Ten collection.  I love the bright colors and how they pop against the white background.  The colors also look great against this mural I found in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I took this picture when I was there visiting my brother over Christmas.


The pattern is Irish Chain-like, but not quite. The blocks were very labor intensive, which also made it a hard quilt to finish.  I will say this quilt was reminder to push myself to make something hard.  I can do hard things!  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I want a quick and easy quilt to make, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s also value in challenging yourself to try something new or get through something hard.


Now that this quilt top is done, I’m setting it aside for a while before I finish it.  While the challenge of it was a good exercise in patience, my brain needs a break from it.  Let’s check back on this quilt top in a few months.

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February 14, 2022 Leave a comment

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a good day to post a red quilt and name it Valentina!


I can’t take credit for these blocks.  They were gifted to me from someone whose mother made them probably in the 60s or 70s.  She has since passed, and I was happy to accept them and make them into a quilt.


I love the blocks, but they had no seam allowance and sewing them together would cut off the points.  I posted about the blocks and the seam allowance issue on Instagram and a follower suggested using red sashing to help hide the red points being cut off.  I loved that idea so that’s what I did.


In addition to the blocks having no seam allowance, they also weren’t even close to being square.  I didn’t want to trim them and cause more issues.  So, just like people, sometimes you have to accept them and love them for what they are.  And that’s what I did.  I embraced the wonkiness.


If you look closely, you will see that one of the red fabrics has a little yellow floral print.  I thought I would pull from that and add the yellow squares to the sashing for a little something extra.


I love this quilt and the best part is how fast it came together.  Amazing how that happens when you don’t actually make the blocks yourself lol.  Stay tuned for the finished version.

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Blue Gingham – Finished

January 31, 2022 Leave a comment

I’m squeezing in one more blog post in January.  This quilt has been finished for a while, but sharing it has been on hold until I gifted it to my brother for Christmas.  Now that the gift has been given, here it is!


I wanted something simple and classic for my brother, and gingham fits the bill.


This quilt features Art Gallery’s Pure Solids.  Not only do they feel great, but they also sew and quilt beautifully.


FYI the colors are Night Sea, Crystalline and Snow.


For the back, I used Your Heart Serenity from Art Gallery.  When I selected it I did something I don’t normally do, which is choose the fabric backing without first seeing if it matched the front.  It does not match.  The color is slightly different from Pure Solids Crystalline, the color I was hoping to match.  That said, it’s close enough.


All in all I think it turned out great.


You really can’t go wrong with a gingham quilt, IMO.  See you next month!

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Rafter – Finished

January 10, 2022 Leave a comment

My first quilt share of 2022!  I had planned on getting this up last week but it was a little busy around here. Coco, my puppy, was spayed last week and it’s been a rough few days taking care of her.  Poor baby.  She has so much energy and is used to getting two walks a day, so having to take it easy with little activity so she can heal has been very difficult for both of us.  She’s on the mend and fingers crossed her cone can come off at the end of the week.

But back to the quilt.


I think it’s fitting that I share this quilt given that it has Tula Pink Fairy Dust fabric in purple, which also happens to be very similar to the Pantone Color of the Year, Very Peri. Who knew I was on trend when I first made this quilt in 2020!


Besides the Tula Pink fabric, all of the other fabric in this quilt is scrap fabric.


As you can see, I put this together in rainbow color order.  I swear by putting random scraps together in color order and then they’ll all work.  Whether you have grass greens, olive greens, or hunter greens, if you group all of your colors together and put them in a rainbow they always seem to look good.


The back of this quilt is a vintage sheet.


It was a fitted sheet, and if you’ve ever taken the elastic out of a fitted sheet you know the top and bottom of the sheet is a little misshaped from the elastic.  It wasn’t quite large enough for the quilt so I had to add the pink.  I had a small piece of floral sheet left so I added that but I had to use the pink to make it work.


That’s a wrap for this quilt and my first blog post of 2022.


Here’s to a great year ahead and many days of quilting.

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