Monthly Archives: July 2023

Jacob’s Ladder – Finished

Sometimes you just want to make a classic quilt pattern, and Jacob’s Ladder fits the bill.


I have a list of classic, traditional quilt patterns I want to make one day, and I’m glad I’ve checked this one off the list. It’s a simple block to make and I like that it’s easy to adjust for whatever block size you want. I went for a larger block than I typically make and made mine at 12” square.


Like so many of my quilts, this is a scrap quilt. It is made with all Denyse Schmidt fabric, because that’s what I have a lot of and I’m trying to use the fabric that I have.


The back of this quilt is a vintage bed sheet my aunt gave me. This quilt is pretty large and luckily so was the bed sheet, but it juuuuuust fit. I had maybe an inch to spare. Maybe. I don’t recommend this! LOL


I have one more vintage bed sheet identical to this one from my aunt, so the other one will make an appearance at some point on another quilt. As you’ve seen from other quilts I’ve finished, I really like using vintage bed sheets as backs. It’s a good way to repurpose them, and it’s an affordable option that’s also really beautiful.


I’m calling this quilt done and putting it away in my quilt closet. Yes, I have a quilt closet and it’s glorious!