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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

I haven’t done a gift guide in a few years, but I thought I would bring it back in case you’re looking to buy a gift for the quilting person in your life, or even the non-quilting person. I include ideas for both. And if you don’t see something for a loved one, maybe you just want to treat yourself!

With that, here’s what’s catching my eye right now.

2023 Holiday Gift GuideDon’t make the same mistake I made and keep buying the Omnigrid square rulers separately. Instead, buy the Value Pack that includes a 2.5”, 4.5”, 6.5” and 9.5” ruler. They make squaring up quilt blocks so much easier. Buy the Value Pack HERE. ($25.99)

Just like sitting on an airplane for hours isn’t good for leg circulation, neither is sitting at a sewing machine. I love wearing compression socks and highly recommend. They also lessen pain and decrease swelling. I like the stripe socks from Comrad, but they have other colors and patterns available too. Buy HERE. ($28)

I love a red lip and my favorite lipstick brand is NYX. And if red isn’t your color, they have many gorgeous shades available. Buy  HERE. ($7.99)

I live in these slides at home, but for winter The Cloudies slides with a furry liner look perfect for hours of standing and cutting fabric or chores around the house. Available in a variety of colors HERE. ($39.99)

It’s the time of year when dry skin is upon us. It’s tough on the hands, especially if you are a hand quilter like I am. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm has always been my favorite, but I also really like the Hand Salve and Cuticle Cream. You can buy a gift package with all three HERE. ($11.99)

When it comes to entertainment, I have a deep love for British crime dramas. It is my favorite genre and there is nothing I like more than working on a quilt and bingeing a good show. To watch many of the good international shows (not all of them are crimey) a subscription to Acorn TV or BritBox is the way to go. If you are buying for yourself and have Amazon Prime, you can add them as one of your channels or download the app to your TV or favorite device. For gifting, an Acorn gift subscription is available HERE ($69.99 for a year) and a BritBox gift subscription HERE ($89.99 for a year).

Speaking of which… I cut the cord a long time ago and the Amazon Fire Stick lets me watch all my favorite streaming services. I have a small TV with a Fire Stick next to my sewing machine and it’s great. Buy HERE. ($19.99)

You can never have enough charging cords for your phone, and 10 ft. cord comes in handy for reaching you wherever you are. Buy HERE. ($23.99)

The Jewel Tone Ombre Taper Candles are so fun and remind me of a quilt. They’re available in two different colorways, and like them both. Buy HERE. ($30)

Denyse Schmidt is one of my favorite fabric designers and her latest collection, Bonny, has a cheater print that’s perfect for making a wholecloth quilt. It’s a Tobacco Leaf pattern and it’s pink. Enough said. You can find it on her website, and it’s available for purchase at local quilt stores or online. (Approximately $12 per yard)

For the holidays, Target has a partnership with iconic British brand Marks & Spencer. Little known fact about me, I’ve lived in London…twice! I used to work right across the street from a Marks & Spencer and it was a frequent stop for me. You can check out the all the offerings HERE, but I think the Hot Chocolate Light Up House Tin is very cute. Buy it HERE ($9.99) or the Shortbread Biscuit Bus Tin with the famous double decker bus is cute. Buy it HERE ($14.99). Plus, when you’re done with the food, you have a cute tin to store all your sewing bits and bobs.

Do you like to collect Pyrex like I do? It’s a good thing I have limited space, otherwise I would go crazy collecting it. This shirt is fun and funny and perfect for the Pyrex lover in your life. It’s available in white, black and gray. Buy it HERE. ($24)