Monthly Archives: January 2022

Blue Gingham – Finished

I’m squeezing in one more blog post in January.  This quilt has been finished for a while, but sharing it has been on hold until I gifted it to my brother for Christmas.  Now that the gift has been given, here it is!


I wanted something simple and classic for my brother, and gingham fits the bill.


This quilt features Art Gallery’s Pure Solids.  Not only do they feel great, but they also sew and quilt beautifully.


FYI the colors are Night Sea, Crystalline and Snow.


For the back, I used Your Heart Serenity from Art Gallery.  When I selected it I did something I don’t normally do, which is choose the fabric backing without first seeing if it matched the front.  It does not match.  The color is slightly different from Pure Solids Crystalline, the color I was hoping to match.  That said, it’s close enough.


All in all I think it turned out great.


You really can’t go wrong with a gingham quilt, IMO.  See you next month!

Rafter – Finished

My first quilt share of 2022!  I had planned on getting this up last week but it was a little busy around here. Coco, my puppy, was spayed last week and it’s been a rough few days taking care of her.  Poor baby.  She has so much energy and is used to getting two walks a day, so having to take it easy with little activity so she can heal has been very difficult for both of us.  She’s on the mend and fingers crossed her cone can come off at the end of the week.

But back to the quilt.


I think it’s fitting that I share this quilt given that it has Tula Pink Fairy Dust fabric in purple, which also happens to be very similar to the Pantone Color of the Year, Very Peri. Who knew I was on trend when I first made this quilt in 2020!


Besides the Tula Pink fabric, all of the other fabric in this quilt is scrap fabric.


As you can see, I put this together in rainbow color order.  I swear by putting random scraps together in color order and then they’ll all work.  Whether you have grass greens, olive greens, or hunter greens, if you group all of your colors together and put them in a rainbow they always seem to look good.


The back of this quilt is a vintage sheet.


It was a fitted sheet, and if you’ve ever taken the elastic out of a fitted sheet you know the top and bottom of the sheet is a little misshaped from the elastic.  It wasn’t quite large enough for the quilt so I had to add the pink.  I had a small piece of floral sheet left so I added that but I had to use the pink to make it work.


That’s a wrap for this quilt and my first blog post of 2022.


Here’s to a great year ahead and many days of quilting.