Blue Ribbon

The name of this quilt might be a bit misleading. To be clear, I have not won an award or ribbon for this quilt top, but hear me out. These pictures were taken at the fair grounds, where blue ribbons are awarded, and notice the Indoor Arena sign?


I think it makes sense to name it the Blue Ribbon quilt! The minute I saw the sign I knew that’s what I was going to call it, and later I noticed this blue background that was so pretty and it all came together.


This quilt is a version of the classic Trip Around the World pattern. Fun fact, the first-ever quilt I made as a teenager was a Trip Around the World quilt. I don’t think I’ve ever shared it, and honestly the fabric I chose would now make me cringe, but teenager me loved it!


I much prefer the fabric in this quilt, which is a lot of Alison Glass and whatever else I had in my stash that I thought would work.


I originally planned to make this quilt a little larger, but it’s mostly a scrap quilt and my fabric didn’t stretch as far as I thought it would. This is a common occurrence for me, since I usually approach quilting as ‘let’s get started and see what happens.’


Later on I did find more fabric so I could add a few rows to make it a little larger, but I’ve already moved on to my next project and I’m thinking all let this one be as is.


Speaking of, I need to get back to my current project, which to be honest is not going as planned. Can I save it and make it better? Time will tell.

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