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Happy Sunday morning! I’m sharing my new Wonderland quilt this morning, which has been done for a couple of months but I only recently got around to taking a picture of it.  This quilt is so large it took me a while to find the manpower (and willpower) to photograph it.

I’m calling this quilt Wonderland, because the black and white checkerboard pattern combined with the colorful Denyse Schmidt New Bedford fabric gives me an Alice in Wonderland vibe every time I look at it.  Anyone else with me on that?


This quilt started as a small sketch on a piece of graph paper and kept growing until it became a massive project that took many days longer than I planned on. In fact, I didn’t have enough black and white fabric to finish and had to order more.  Don’t you hate when that happens?


The plan when I started this quilt was to make the three center pieces and then figure the rest out from there. Once I had them done, I realized I needed more fabric, more design, more everything than I thought I would, and that’s when the quilt started to grow.


But…I think this is one of those cases where not having a plan worked out for the best. I really like the striking look of the black and white checkerboard pattern mixed with the bright and colorful Denyse Schmidt fabric, so I’m calling this a success.

Now I’m off to brainstorm the back of the quilt. I’m debating between a black and white patterned fabric or something colorful.  More to come.

Brooklyn Quilting Co.’s Holiday Wish List 2015

It’s the time of year when we all are putting our Santa wish lists together.  Now, I’m pretty lucky and there’s nothing that I need, but it is fun to have a few things to wish for.

Like last year’s list, this is a pretty specific collection of items people similar to me would like, but it does include some non-quilty things that could appeal to non-quilters.  So without further ado, here’s what I’m wishing for this year.

Holiday Wish List 2015

A fat quarter set of the Denyse Schmidt re-print Katie Jump Rope collection.  Some of us may have missed it the first time around, but now we can get it while the gettin’s good.

For running weekend errands around Brooklyn, this pair of clog ankle booties.

To keep fingers safe while cutting fabric, the very important Gypsy Gripper.  I already own one of these, but I’m including it because I learned the hard way this year how important quilting safety is, and everyone should have one.

Some new bed sheets, because when we pull back the quilts on our bed we should have beautiful sheets to match.

A pair of snazzy Tula Pink Scissors, so cutting fabric is a little less tedious.

The Millefiori Quilts  book by Willyne Hammerstein.  If you’ve seen these amazing kaleidoscope quilt designs, then you know you have to make one too.

A Capri BlueMercury Glass jar candle, so my sewing space looks and smells good.

My favorite moisturizer from Chanel, because I don’t want wrinkles in my fabric or my face!

To up my cooking and crafting game, an annual subscription to Sweet Paul Magazine.  Sweet Paul’s recipes and crafting ideas always make me swoon.

Some new colors of my favorite (and very affordable) brand of lipstick, NYX. I love a bold lip and can always use some new shades to spice up my look.

My favorite accessory any time of year, a gorgeous scarf like this one.

And with that, I conclude my holiday wish list.  What are you wishing for this holiday season?  Any fabric or quilt supplies?

Tula Pink Pinwheels

It’s a very sunny, beautiful Sunday morning in Brooklyn, but before I head out to enjoy the day, I thought I would post a quick blog entry about a baby quilt that I finished this week.  I had a custom request for a pinwheel baby quilt: a classic quilt pattern that never gets old.


Even though it’s a classic pattern, it has a modern look with the Tula Pink fabric that I used.  It is mostly fabric from her Elizabeth collection, with a little bit of Moon Shine and Fox Field thrown in.


One of the colors for the baby’s nursery is grey, so I used that as a neutral color to offset the bright Tula Pink fabric.  The grey fabric is Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen, which is the same fabric I used on the back.  To finish it off, it has a simple Eggplant Kona Cotton binding.


That’s it for today.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday afternoon!