Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cut & Run

This is one of those quilts that started out as something completely different than what I ended up with.

Originally, I had an idea sketched out on graph paper that I thought was going to be great!  I got my fabric together, started cutting and laying the blocks out, but a couple of hours in it wasn’t coming together how I envisioned.  I should have stopped right there, but I was determined to make it work so I kept going.  Bad, bad idea!

These were the original blocks I started with.


I went on to waste way too many hours cutting fabric before I finally admitted to myself it wasn’t going to work, so I pulled the plug on it.

I then proceeded to spend a couple of days annoyed with myself before I finally regrouped and tried to salvage as many of the blocks as I could.  I did a little brainstorming, sorted through some scraps of solids, and finally came up with this.


Because I was trying to use as many of the blocks that I had previously cut, I decided to try and use as many of the solid scraps that I had, too.  This quilt became an effort to scrape something together from a bunch of castaway fabric.


For not having planned this, it turned out much better than I thought it would.  Funny how that works sometimes.


I should mention that all of the fabric – minus the solids – is Denyse Schmidt fabric.  I still have a lot of leftover squares from the original quilt I planned to make, but I’m confident one day they will find their way into something.


Also, I haven’t completely given up on the original quilt I sketched out. I still think it could work with some minor edits.  I think it’s about 90 percent there.


Back to the drawing board!