Wildflower – Finished

I’ve slowly been accumulating a stack of finished quilts and quilt tops to photograph, patiently waiting for my quilt holder to have time to take some pics. We cleared our schedules and were able to head out last week to take some pics, and now I have some new projects to share. First up is my finished Wildflower quilt.


I love this fabric (Wildflower by Kelly Ventura) and I love how the quilt turned out.


It’s a simple pattern that makes a big impact, in my opinion.


It’s a repeating pattern of square-in-square blocks followed by patchworks squares, all at an angle. Easy!


When I first wrote about this quilt top I mentioned how the fabric leans a little more traditional than I normally choose. But I have to admit I’ve been gravitating towards some more traditional fabrics lately. I still like what I’ve always liked, but I guess I’ve been adding some traditional looks to my stash.


The back of this quilt also leans a little more traditional, complementing the front perfectly.


Like I often do, I used a vintage bed sheet for the quilt back. It’s a floral print like many of the fabrics in the Wildflower collection.


Unfortunately, my stash of vintage bed sheets is getting low! They make such great quilt backs so I’ll have to start working on replenishing my collection.


You can often find them at second-hand stores, but finding ones in good shape that have never or hardly been used, like this one, can be challenging some times.


I think this quilt turned out beautifully and it’s been getting some use this winter, but I’m starting to get antsy for the Spring-looking quilts. Who’s with me?


Until we’re through March, I’ll keep this one out and enjoy it a bit longer. But Spring is coming and so are more blog posts with new quilts to share. I’ll be back again soon.

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