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I’ve reached the point in the year where my quilt photos aren’t keeping up with the season we’re in, and its noticeable.  I took this quilt top with me to photograph while I was visiting family in North Dakota over Labor Day weekend – back when the weather was warmer and everything was still mostly green.  But now that some parts of the country are starting to get snow, I thought I should actually blog about this quilt before the pictures are really outdated, so here it is.

Ludlow 5

This fabric in this quilt is Ludlow by Denyse Schmidt and the pattern is inspired by a vintage quilt I saw.


I’ve written often about how terrible I am when it comes to doing quilt math and making sure I have the correct amount of fabric for my quilts.  I tend to take a ‘let’s just start and see what happens’ approach, which more often than not works fine.  This time, however, IT DID NOT WORK.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I was way short on fabric and had to make some adjustments.  My solution was sashing.

Ludlow 3

I’m normally not a sashing kind of person.  On rare occasion I use it, but I think it can make quilts look a little too traditional for my personal taste.  Had I not used sashing in this quilt I could have made it to be crib sized, but I wanted something a little bigger.

Ludlow 4

After I got the whole thing pieced together, I decided I made the sashing too wide.  I almost ripped it apart right then and there and cut the sashing width in half, but like most things in life it’s not a bad idea to sleep on it.

Ludlow 2

Full disclosure I ended up sleeping on it for months because I moved on to another project, and by the time I pulled it back out to photograph I decided I didn’t hate the sashing width as much as I originally did.  I think I’m going to keep it as is but I could be convinced otherwise.

Ludlow 1

I’m off to do an Instagram poll to get some feedback on the sashing.  Feel free to weigh in there!