I found myself wanting to make something easy(ish) this summer, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted it to look like. So I did what I often do, and I came up with a scrap quilt.


I finished this quilt in the middle of July – about midsummer – hence the name.


I should note I only had one quilt holder for these pics but I really needed two people. Next time when I show the finished version, I’ll be sure to recruit a second holder. But nonetheless, my friend made a valiant effort this time around. LOL


Back to the quilt. If you’ve ever made or seen a Trip Around the World quilt, this quilt kind of has those vibes, a little.


My goal was to use up scraps, even small ones, and also incorporate solids. If you begin in the center, it starts pattern/solid/pattern/solid etc. etc. as you work your way out. I end with a solid navy blue fabric around the edge.


The patterned fabric is Denyse Schmidt and the solids are a little bit of everything, with mostly Ruby + Bee and Kona Cotton.


One thing I didn’t really take into consideration when I started was how much of the same fabric I would need as I worked my way out. I had to use up some of my bigger scrap pieces so that I had enough, which was great, but I hadn’t really thought it through in the beginning. It worked out because I’m always trying to shrink my scrap pile!


I took photos of one other quilt while I was out with my friend so I will be sharing that one soon. Talk to you then.

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