Monthly Archives: March 2023

Winter Watch

I love half square triangle quilts. There are so many variations and ways to organize the blocks, that it offers endless opportunities for quilt patterns. My latest quilt is an experimentation with half square triangles and color.


When I started working on this quilt I knew I wanted to do a striping effect, so I organized my fabric by color into four similar(ish) color groups: deep purple/blue, bright yellow/red, teal blue/light purple and light yellow/pink.


I moved these blocks around many times because I kept changing my mind. I originally planned to do a half and half look, which is ultimately what I ended up with, but I also tried striping it all together. In the end, I went with my original plan. I think I like it?


I should mention the fabric in this quilt is from different Alison Glass collections. I love her modern take on batik fabrics, something I’m not typically drawn to.


Now I have to start thinking about backing for this quilt. Do I go bold like the quilt top, or something subtler?


Feel free to weigh in, and thanks for reading!

Crossroads to Texas – Finished

I had to look back when I originally made this quilt top, and it was the end of summer 2019. So here we are, a few years later, and it’s done! Some quilts just take time.


This block is Crossroads to Texas. I saw an old quilt years ago made with it and created my own version. I’m sure a pattern exists somewhere, but I haven’t seen it.


Most of the fabric is original Cotton + Steel with some other random scraps mixed in.


I intentionally made it very scrappy because that was the look I was going for. Sometimes I like a more uniform, matching look in my quilts, but more times than not I like a scrappy quilt.


While it’s a scrappy quilt, the thing that ties it together are the colors. I stuck to pinks and blues with some teal and aqua mixed in. Love these colors!


Like the front, the back of the quilt is scrappy. I had a large piece of Cora fabric by Tessie Fay that’s in the center, and a big piece of Parson Gray I used for the top and bottom.


The piece along the left side is the Friends fabric Joann Fabrics had a few years ago. Still love that fabric!


And that’s a wrap on this quilt!


It took time to finish this one but I think it was worth the wait.