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DIY Holiday Gift Tags

Today I’m sharing an easy little holiday gift tag project that I do every year at Christmas.  You know all those cards you get in the mail from your friends and family?  Well, guess what?  You can use them to make your own gift tags!  Let me show you how.


This is a great project for young and old alike.  I like using these gift tags on my packages because 1.) You can reuse all those holiday cards you receive instead of just throwing them away, and 2.) I think these gift tags are a little more special than the TO/FROM stickers you buy at the store.

To complete this project, you will need:

  • Your stack of holiday cards
  • Crafting scissors
  • A paper hole punch
  • Ribbon


To get started, go through your cards and pull the ones that will work.  I like to look for images of holiday wreaths, Christmas trees, or even just text that says, “Merry Christmas.”


Then, take your crafting scissors to cut around the image.  You can use ordinary scissors if that’s all you have, but I think crafting scissors add a little something extra.  Pinking Shears will also work.


Next, use your paper hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon to go through.


Finally, use ribbon of your choice to tie the gift tag to the package.   Then you are good to go and can write TO: and FROM: on the reverse side of the tags.


That’s it.  Easy, right?  Now go on and make some gift tags of your own!

P.S. You could do this same project with birthday cards, Valentine’s Day cards, etc.

Brooklyn Quilting Co. Holiday Wish List 2017

Every year I try to put together a list of gift ideas that those of us who quilt/craft/sew might enjoy.  Some of the gifts are for making and others are for just indulging.  There’s ideas that are inexpensive and perfect for stocking stuffers, and others that Santa can afford to buy but you can’t!

Here’s a few ideas to add to your list or to buy for someone else this year.


Holiday Wish List 2017


Paper pieces to have on hand for quilting on the go.  English Paper Piecing is one of my favorite ways to still be quilting even when I’m away from my sewing machine.

A pair of pink sneakers for knocking around the neighborhood.  Plus, they’re pink shoes.  Enough said.

A set of colored pencils with all the shades of the rainbow for sketching the next quilt and planning the color arrangement.

Liberty of London wall hooks to hang my collection of winter scarves.

Hand quilting needles to use on the stack of unfinished quilts that have been piling up all year.  Gotta get quilting on those!

A NETFLIX subscription to binge watch The Crown while quilting, which is basically a perfect day in my book.

Some extra bobbins, because you never seem to have enough.

To keep hardworking quilting hands soft, a tube of great smelling hand lotion.

A beautiful wall calendar from Rifle Paper Co.  I’m pretty much obsessed with every one of their floral patterns.

A new polka dot wallet, because I heart anything with polka dots.

Pretty glass bowls for catching loose ends in the sewing space or around the house.

A stylish water bottle for staying hydrated and healthy in the new year.

The new Heather Ross book about boys that’s good for girls, both young and old.  Heather read it to me and my quilting friends when we were at her house upstate earlier this year, and we were all a little teary at the end.  It’s just that touching.

Not available yet, but a pre-order of the new Anna Maria Horner collection, Sweet Dreams.  It’s scheduled to start shipping in February and would be a nice post-Christmas surprise in the mail.