Crossroads to Texas – Finished

I had to look back when I originally made this quilt top, and it was the end of summer 2019. So here we are, a few years later, and it’s done! Some quilts just take time.


This block is Crossroads to Texas. I saw an old quilt years ago made with it and created my own version. I’m sure a pattern exists somewhere, but I haven’t seen it.


Most of the fabric is original Cotton + Steel with some other random scraps mixed in.


I intentionally made it very scrappy because that was the look I was going for. Sometimes I like a more uniform, matching look in my quilts, but more times than not I like a scrappy quilt.


While it’s a scrappy quilt, the thing that ties it together are the colors. I stuck to pinks and blues with some teal and aqua mixed in. Love these colors!


Like the front, the back of the quilt is scrappy. I had a large piece of Cora fabric by Tessie Fay that’s in the center, and a big piece of Parson Gray I used for the top and bottom.


The piece along the left side is the Friends fabric Joann Fabrics had a few years ago. Still love that fabric!


And that’s a wrap on this quilt!


It took time to finish this one but I think it was worth the wait.

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One comment

  1. Love this quilt! Love all your quilts. My favorite are scrappy quilts—not always made all from scraps. I, to nearly always limit my color palette.

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