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Friends On The Way – Finished

Is there anything happier than a rainbow?  I think not! That’s why I love making rainbow quilts; they’re just so fun and easy to make.


I say easy to make because you don’t have to spend a lot of time picking your fabric, planning the layout or worrying about the order of blocks.  Just follow the rainbow!


This quilt is all about them scraps.  In fact, I put it together with the sole purpose of using up a bunch of leftover triangles I had cut for a different project.  The patterned fabric triangles are all Denyse Schmidt prints.  These are combined with solids.


In this quilt, none of the Denyse Schmidt triangles repeat but some of the solid colors do and some don’t. Like the patterned triangles, I wanted to use up as many solid scraps as I could.  In some cases, I had enough solid fabric in one color but a lot of them I didn’t.  This really was about using and using up what I had.  I kind of like the mix of the different shades of one color family.


For the back, like the front, I pieced together a print and solids.


The floral print was the starting point and came from a large piece of fabric I had in my stash. I have no idea what it is except that it’s a cotton lawn.  I randomly picked it up at a hole-in-the-wall fabric place here in Brooklyn and it ended up matching perfectly with the scrap pieces of Artisan Cottons in green and purple.


In keeping with the Denyse Schmidt fabric theme, the binding on this quilt is also DS Fabric.  It’s an old print of hers from Joann’s.


This quilt pattern is now available for purchase.  I have listed it in my Etsy shop and you can DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN HERE.