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MSP Factory

Happy Spring…kind of. Can you feel it?  It still feels like winter here in New York, but every week I have high hopes that this will be the week we turn the corner.  (Fingers crossed)

That said, I thought I should share the pics of this quilt I took back in December.  There’s snow on the ground in the pictures so I wanted to get them on the blog before we officially hit Spring and snow seems like a distant memory.


I took these pictures in Minneapolis when I was visiting my friend Sara over the holidays.  Like the Mill Cityquilt I shared in January, these photos were taken on the same day when it was fffffffreezing outside.  Meaning, we had to be very fast so we didn’t lose any fingers.


We stopped by a flea market that day, which is in a former casket factory, when we took the pictures.  Yes, they used to produce caskets there.  It has now been turned into an arts building, so no more caskets.  I thought about naming this quilt Casket Factory, but that’s a little too morbid, right?


This quilt was one of the last quilts of 2017 I finished.  I spent a lot of 2017 sewing my stash rather than purchasing a lot of new fabric and that’s the case with this one, too.  Most of the fabric is from scrap pieces and I didn’t even have to cut into yardage.


It is all Denyse Schmidt fabric and is made with red, yellow, green, dark blue, aqua blue, pink, purple and black fabrics.  I think I have equal amounts of blocks for each color, or very close to that.


When planning this quilt, I was experimenting with block shapes and came up with this, which I really liked.


Like many of the quilts I make, I would love to see this quilt in solids.  If I had nothing but time, I think I would make a solids version of most of my quilts.  I’ve also been very much on a black and white kick lately and would love to see this done in black and white.


This quilt is my last one from 2017 I have to share.  Moving forward, it will be some new things and some quilts I’m finally finishing from years before.  I have a stack of unfinished quilt tops and I’m working my way through them.  Slowly.  It’s kind of fun to pull those quilt tops out and finally finish them.  Can’t wait to share more with all of you.