Monthly Archives: July 2020


Sometimes I have a quilt idea in my head and I miraculously manage to execute it exactly how I was thinking, without making adjustments along the way.  This is one of those times.  It took some planning but I did it.

Rft 5

This quilt utilizes two of my favorite things: rainbow colors and scraps.  Yes, your read that right, this is actually a scrap quilt.

Rft 3

Every piece of fabric, minus the purple Tula Pink Fairy Dust fabric, is all scraps.

Rft 4

I think many of us quilters have white fabric laying around, and then it was only a matter of digging through my scrap bag to pull ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) colors to get the rainbow look.  This is why I save small scraps!  For projects like this.  Plus, I hate wasting fabric so I always have a healthy scrap bag ready to go.

Rft 8

I am planning to write a whole blog post about my scrap quilting process, which I kinda take pride in because I have a philosophy of leaving no scrap behind. That blog post is coming in the near future, but back to this quilt.

Rft 2

The only fabric I had to buy was the Tula Pink Fairy Dust, which I wanted to get anyway. From the minute I saw it I knew I had to have it, and I think it is perfect for this quilt.

Rft 6

Tula has since come out with more color options for Fairy Dust, and so many of them would work, but I’m partial to the purple.

Rft 1

With all of the colors happening on the front, I need to start thinking about the back.  Not sure which direction I’m going to go yet, but I feel like it needs to be Tula on the back as well.  Thoughts?

Fantasy – Finished

After months of barely leaving my neighborhood, trying to stay home and stay safe, I am slowly entering back into the real world, although the real world looks quite different and certainly feels different than pre-coronavirus.  And I imagine that feeling will continue until we get a vaccine, but it’s good to have some things, like quilt photos, back on.

And on that note, here is one of my quarantine quilt finishes.


This quilt is made with the Fantasy collection from Sally Kelly, with some Artisan Cottons from Windham mixed in.


I’m very pleased with the final quilt.  The pattern, the colors…everything works for me.


I pulled one of the fabrics from the Fantasy collection and used that for the back.


Typically, I like to use a different fabric for the back of my quilts than one that I used on the front, but when Sally Kelly designed this collection she offered a handful of the prints in cotton lawn, and I thought one of those would be nice to use for the back.


I really like the lightweight feel of cotton lawn, and when you have a larger-sized quilt like this one is, I think sometimes it’s nice to use a lighter-weight fabric, like a cotton lawn, for the back.


This quilt has now found a home draped across my bed.  I’ll have to take a picture of how I styled it in my bedroom with my duvet cover.  Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram account for that.  Until then, WEAR A MASK.