Monthly Archives: April 2022

Five + Ten

Let me introduce you to the quilt that made my head spin and almost broke me.  Between the quilt math, the pattern, and the layout, this one had me mentally exhausted.  That said, I think it turned out great. LOL


There are many parts of this quilt making process that could have been easier, but I had a limited amount of fabric and was trying to stretch it as far as I could.  Had I had more wiggle room with the fabric it wouldn’t have been so difficult, but I needed every last inch of my fat quarters so I had to get every measurement and every cut right.  Pressure!


In the end, I did have to add in some Ruby + Bee solids to get enough blocks, but I kind of like the unexpected solids here and there. It makes it not so perfect and I sometimes like my quilts that way.


The main fabric in this quilt is Denyse Schmidt’s Five + Ten collection.  I love the bright colors and how they pop against the white background.  The colors also look great against this mural I found in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I took this picture when I was there visiting my brother over Christmas.


The pattern is Irish Chain-like, but not quite. The blocks were very labor intensive, which also made it a hard quilt to finish.  I will say this quilt was reminder to push myself to make something hard.  I can do hard things!  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I want a quick and easy quilt to make, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s also value in challenging yourself to try something new or get through something hard.


Now that this quilt top is done, I’m setting it aside for a while before I finish it.  While the challenge of it was a good exercise in patience, my brain needs a break from it.  Let’s check back on this quilt top in a few months.