Mill City – Finished

My quest to turn my stack of quilt tops into actual finished quilts continues! I’ve made some good progress the last couple of years and I can check another one off the list with my finished Mill City quilt.


I made this quilt top back in 2017 and shared it at the beginning of 2018. As I’ve said before, some quilts take longer than others. LOL


Every time I pull one of these quilt tops out that I haven’t seen in a while I ask myself, “do I still like this?” The answer for this one is a definite yes.


I still really like the colors and pattern, which is quite simple with a combo of Ohio Star blocks and nine patch squares. This is a scrap quilt but it’s mostly original Cotton + Steel fabric.

BTW, this next picture makes me laugh. It looks like no one is holding the quilt!


The back of this quilt uses a large piece of the much-loved Fairy Dust fabric from Tula Pink’s True Colors collection.


My last blog post was about quilt backs and I mentioned the lack of good extra wide fabric available on the market. The good news is this fabric is available in extra wide. The piece I used obviously is not, as I had to piece the back together, but FYI in case you like it. I believe there are other colorways available, too.


I think I have 2-3 more old(er) quilt tops left to finish. To be clear I do have more that that, but the others are from the last year+ so I don’t count those. They’re practically new!


As always, thanks for reading. I’ll be back here again soon talking quilts.

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