You’re A Star

Aren’t star quilts the best? I love the many different star blocks available and how they can look classic yet modern at the same time. That’s why I knew I had to use Denyse Schmidt’s Darling collection to make a star quilt.


I love the colors in Darling and I think they look so good with the white background, which is from Windham fabrics.


One of my favorite parts of making this quilt was pairing two fabrics together for each block. None of the blocks repeat, unless I made a mistake and accidently did one block twice, but I think I’m good!


When I started placing the blocks, I was trying to move them around so the colors were somewhat evenly distributed throughout the quilt. It was especially important to me with the yellow – because it’s the only yellow fabric and it really pops – but I also didn’t want it to look too perfect, if that makes sense.


Speaking of perfect, I wasn’t a stickler for the stripes in my fabric going the same way. If you look closely, you can see the striped fabric in the stars goes different directions. I know this kind of thing would bug a lot of quilters, but I have a different take.


If you go to quilt museums or quilt shows that have antique quilts, they are often meticulous and perfect. I love that! But I also love when I find old quilts at an antique store or a quilt someone’s grandma passed down to them and they aren’t as perfect looking. Those quilts are equally as beautiful to me and that’s how I like to quilt.


One last note on this quilt. It used to be smaller! I ran out of white fabric and was going to let it go and just let it be a smaller quilt, but I sat on it for a while and I really felt like it needed to be bigger, so I got more white fabric.


It was the right call.

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