Valentina – Finished

This wonky little quilt is done.


I wrote more details about the origin of these blocks in a previous post, if you want to read it, but the short story is I was gifted the blocks and they all had issues that I happily worked around.


The main issue was they were all extremely uneven in every way. Instead of trying to square them up, which was pretty much impossible, I embraced their imperfections and made a perfectly imperfect quilt.


Nothing in the quilt is square and it’s filled with a bunch of wavy lines. But I have to say that not worrying about square blocks really takes the stress out of quilting. LOL


Since the front of this quilt was all about imperfection, that’s what I did for the back as well.


I used the three leftover blocks and patched together a backing using whatever I had in my stash. Again, I didn’t worry about anything being straight.


I kind of love how this sliver of yellowy gold fabric just barely came through once I trimmed the back.


Now this little red quilt is done and is perfect just the way she is. Have you ever made a wonky quilt?

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One comment

  1. I love how you embraced the wonkiest of this and made it beautiful! I’ve come to realize the whole idea of perfection is overrated. Maybe due to age, arthritis and lack of time, I just enjoy what I’m making and let the rest go. Thank you for sharing this!

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