Five + Ten – Finished

I made this quilt top back in 2022, and in my original blog post I wrote about how hard it was to make. It was a really challenging pattern and I had some hiccups along the way. But now that it’s done and quilted, I really like how it turned out.


This quilt features Denyse Schmidt’s Five + Ten collection along with a few Ruby + Bee solids that I needed to stretch out the fabric to complete all of the blocks.


This pattern is not Irish Chain but similar. (I probably made it more difficult.)


Even though it was difficult to make, it’s always good to try something new and push ourselves to make things that are hard. It’s how we get better!


I also have to talk about the back of this quilt. The blue floral is a piece of fabric that was in my grandma’s sewing supplies. She passed a number of years ago and I inherited all of her fabric.


The blue fabric goes perfectly with the front, but when I was measuring it out it barely fit; there were zero inches to give in the length. But was that going to stop me from trying to make it work? No. I knew it might be a bit short after it was quilted and cause me problems, but I decided to try and make it work.


Well, readers, it did cause me problems. LOL. There were a couple spots where it came up short, less than a half an inch. It was a pretty easy fix though. I had a few thin strips of the blue fabric left after I trimmed the quilt and I was able to patch them in. You really don’t notice unless you examine the back closely.


My quilts are rarely “perfect” and to me this is in the spirit of generations of quilters who ‘used what they have’ to create beautiful quilts. And I think my grandma, who was very thrifty, would approve.


As I wrap this quilt post up, shout out to my quilt-holding friend who helped take these photos with me. It was a windy day and standing on a bridge trying to get pictures was not easy! But nothing with this quilt was so it’s quite fitting.

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  1. Beautiful quilt. I did not purchase Denyse’s five and dime fabric and I’ll probably regret it. I have so much of her fabric already—I’m slowly using it in quilts. I love all your quilts—I probably say that about every quilt of you make!

    I made baby quilts fog my niece’s twin baby boys a couple of years ago. One of the quilts looks simulate to this. I’ve never made a Jacob’scLadder but though it looked similar to that. Mine used HSTs and squares + background fabric.

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