Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Whole Lot of Lotta

I’ve had this quilt top stashed away since the beginning of summer and thought I should probably write about it before the pictures are so outdated there is snow on the ground. On the other hand, maybe I should have saved it for the dead of January when we’re all dreaming of warmer weather.  But alas, here it is.


This quilt is all Lotta Jansdotter fabric, minus some solid Kona Cotton black I used to finish it off. I was a bit short on fabric so I had to turn to my solid fabric stash to bring this one together.  I grouped the black fabric together (at an angle) instead of spreading it throughout the quilt, which I thought would make it too uniform looking.


Originally, I planned to make an all black and white quilt using Lotta’s prints, but I had some pink fabrics of hers that I added in. I was trying very hard to stick to the black and white theme, but I kept eyeing the pink fabric so I finally gave in and went for it.


I haven’t looked at this quilt since I made it a few months ago, but now that I am, I’m getting a bit of a 1950s Barbie vibe with the black, white and pink color combo. Anyone else seeing that too?


This quilt is now going back into my pile of unfinished quilt tops and will stay there until I feel inspired to finish it off, which at the rate I’m going the past month, may take a while!