Monthly Archives: April 2023

Malibu – Finished

The clock was ticking to get this quilt posted, since there are traces of snow in the pictures and I didn’t want to be posting snow pics in June, so here we go. This is my finished Malibu quilt.


When I first wrote about this quilt, I explained how it’s made from castoffs of flying geese blocks, which made for a pretty quick and easy project.


I think the randomness of the triangles and fabric, going in different directions with no rhyme or reason, keeps your eye moving across the quilt. This is an example of how sometimes the simplest patterns can create such an impactful design.


The quilt is nearly all Ruby + Bee solids with some Heather Ross Malibu fabric mixed in.


The back is a pieced together with scraps, like most of my quilt backs are.


It’s hard to see the back fabric, but the large pink piece is something random I think someone gave me, but the aqua pieces are Lotta Jansdotter.


This quilt is now officially done and hanging on the quilt ladder in my living room. I’ll probably keep it there for a while because it’s very springy – perfect for the season. Talk again soon.