This Old House

Oh hey.  I managed to get a blog post written while taking care of a new puppy.  (Note: If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I got a puppy two weeks ago.  She’s amazing, but as you can imagine, she demands a huge amount of time right now.)

Anyway, I did take some quilt photos before she arrived so here we go.


This quilt is all scraps.  I dug deep in my stash and pulled together some very old pieces of fabric I’ve had forever – like 20 years in some cases – along with some newer scraps leftover from the Wildflower quilt, and tried to make something out of all of them.  This quilt leans more traditional – from the fabric to the colors to the pattern – but I kind of like it.  It reminds me of a quilt you would find in an old house.


The block is so easy and a good way to use scraps.  You can make your blocks as uniform or as scrappy as you like.


Since this quilt is so scrappy, to add some uniformity and pull it all together, I added the red and mustard yellow sashing between the blocks.  I also added a double border with a narrow strip of red fabric and the red and beige stripe. (It’s hard to see that it’s a stripe in these photos.)  I normally don’t do borders but I thought this quilt could use them.


Do you see how the red fabric extends into the outer border at the corners?  That’s because I was so short on fabric I needed those extra inches from the red fabric to make it work!  I actually find it pretty satisfying when I can use every last inch of fabric.


I already know what fabrics I’m going to piece together for the back of this quilt, so this one might come together in the not so distant future.  That is if I can find the time when I’m not chasing my puppy Coco around!

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