Winter Walk – In Progress

Since much of the country will be dealing with frigid temperatures this week and we’re in the middle of winter, it seems appropriate that we talk about my Winter Walk quilt. Don’t you think?


I took these pictures while I was in the Midwest over Christmas and it took FOUR tries and two different states to get useable pictures.  The wind would not cooperate at all.  That’s why you are going to see pictures in different locations.  But after some frozen fingers and a few choice words, I finally prevailed.


This quilt was inspired by a vintage quilt I saw.  The blocks are not a true Granny Square but they are Granny Square(ish).


If anyone knows if these blocks have a specific name let me know.  Again, I saw them in a vintage quilt and recreated them.


The fabric is Winter Walk by Denyse Schmidt and the gray sashing is from the Palette collection by Marcia Derse.


If you haven’t used the solids from Palette I highly recommend them.  The colors are so beautiful and have kind of a hand-dyed look. In the description on Windham’s website they describe the colors as having “subtle movement” and I wholeheartedly agree.


The creamy white color in the blocks is also one of the Palette solids.  It’s not quite a true white; it doesn’t have that stark whiteness that true white has.  I think it’s just right and goes so well with Winter Walk.


I made this quilt towards the end of last year after looking at a bunch of vintage quilts.  I came away 100 percent inspired by all the old quilts I saw and I think I’m making 2019 the year of vintage quilts.  I saw some that I want to recreate and some that I want to do my own version of.


Now, don’t hold me to ‘the year of vintage quilts’ thing because I may not stick to it completely.  But right now, all I have on my brain are a bunch of old quilts.  This could be fun.

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