Last week on my Instagram account, I shared the new Wildflower collection from Kelly Ventura and mentioned that it had a very granny chic or grandmillenial vibe to it.  And as a self-identified grandmillenial, it’s right up my alley.


If you Google grandmillenial style you will see a few different definitions, but the one commonality (I think) is a love of florals, and the new Wildflower collection has some good florals.


This fabric leans a little more traditional than I typically go for, but it’s still fresh and the colors are so beautiful.  I love how the florals are complemented by the more subtle geometric fabrics as well.


This quilt is a combo of simple patchwork squares and square in a square quilt blocks – at an angle and every other row.  Easy!


I don’t know that these pictures do it justice, but I think it turned out really beautiful and I’m pretty happy with it.  There is a lot going on in this quilt, but sometimes more is more.


Happy quilting!

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