The City Quilter


For those of you who live in New York or are visiting and want to stop by a quilt shop, my recommendation is The City Quilter in Chelsea.  It is beautiful, well-stocked and quite spacious.  And by spacious I mean spacious by New York City standards.

My mom was visiting recently and we stopped by to find fabric for a project she is working on.  I should clarify that it’s a project that she started and that I will finish.  (More on that project at a later date.)  Specifically, we were searching for something blue and ended up finding this:


These two pieces are from the Everything Blue collection by Marsha McCloskey for Clothworks.  My mom had a blue floral pattern in mind and Everything Blue fit the bill.  She’s just about done with her part of the project and then I will take over.

While we were at The City Quilter I was roaming around the store (trying not to buy everything in sight) and spotted the Downton Abbey collection that I really want.  This was my first time seeing it in person and I am now more obsessed than ever before.  This fabric will be mine one day.


I love The City Quilter.  They have so much gorgeous fabric and it is a great place to find inspiration.  I highly recommend a visit.

For an added bonus, here are a couple of quilts they had displayed that caught my eye.  Enjoy!



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