Star Rush – In Progress

Mark this day in history. I made a red quilt.  Or red(ish) quilt.  It’s not totally red, but close.  This is noteworthy because I’m not into red.  It’s not my color.  I don’t wear red, I don’t decorate with red, and I use it very sparingly in my quilts. I know a lot of people love it; I just don’t.  But once in a while you have to get out of your color comfort zone, and that’s what I did.


I have to start by saying I’m not 100 percent into this quilt.  I think I missed the mark just a bit on my fabric selection.  I wanted to use up some scrap fabric and use what I had in my stash, but (shocking!!!) I don’t have a lot of red fabric.  And my lack of red fabric kind of came back to bite me, but I didn’t realize it until the quilt was pieced together, and I was not going to start over.


Notice the darker red points on the stars?  Not all of them are as dark as they should be and don’t stand out enough as the corner star pieces.  In a few of them the red fabric is just a bit too light and it doesn’t define the star points enough, in my opinion.


The fabric I do think I got very right is the strawberry background fabric.  It is the special reprint of the Heather Ross strawberries from her Briar Rose collection.  Even though it’s red, I could use those strawberries all day every day.  Love them.


My feeling with this quilt is that, it is what it is.  I don’t hate it by any means, it’s just not 100 percent there.  Close, but not quite.  More importantly, it’s a lesson learned that in the future I need to define those star points with darker fabric!

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  1. I love red. I typically use lots of white, especially in large spaces because I like to fill those areas with lots of hand quilting. In your quilt, a contrasting white or white-on-white In the large spaces would have let your other blocks pop more.

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