Spring Fling

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  Are you planning to watch the game tonight?  I’m going to my friends’ apartment to eat Mexican food (hello guacamole) and watch the game with them.  But I think there will be more eating and laughing than game watching, and that is why I celebrate Super Bowl Sunday.

Now back to quilts!

024 (1)

My wonky blocks with Moda’s Wrens & Friends collection are done and I am so pleased with the quilt top.  I really love how it turned out, and love the happy Spring colors that make me forget it is February.  And cold.  And snowy.  And just kind of miserable outside.

As a reminder, here is the fabric (designed by Gina Martin) that I mixed in some solids with, most of which are Kona.


Each block is the same size but I tried to vary the cuts and shapes that make up the block.


This was made with fat quarters and it was just enough fabric for the quilt top.  I wanted to do one more column of blocks along the side but I didn’t have enough fabric left, so instead I added scraps of fabric between blocks to make the quilt a little wider.

004 (2)

This method actually ended up working pretty well and gives it an even more wonky look that I like.


Now I have to figure out the back.  It will probably be awhile before I get to it because I am completely out of the Wrens & Friends fabric and I want to use some of that for the back.  I am going to choose the fabric pattern that I like best from the collection and then get a big piece of that to use.  I think I’m leaning towards the pattern called Cream Star Blooms.  That’s the one on the top right in the fabric image early in the post.  Do you have a favorite?

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One comment

  1. What a fun, wonky looking quilt. I like all
    the different cuts and shapes-makes it very
    unique. I think spring is coming after seeing all these fun colors. The Cream Star Blooms should be a good choice for the back. Can’t wait to see it. We’re having Mexican too.

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