Signature Series

Here at Brooklyn Quilting Co. I get a number of requests for baby quilts, and for a while I’ve been thinking about a new design to switch things up a bit. I wanted something modern, bold and graphic looking, yet simple.  I also wanted something that really speaks to my design aesthetic.  This is what I came up with.


It’s inspired by my favorite quilt, Inman Park.  I had the idea a few months ago to take the design from Inman Park and blow it up to make it one baby-sized quilt.  From the start I thought it would look good with solids to keep that simple design that I was aiming for.


I also went with a solid colored back for this quilt. I did think about using a print for the back, and really considered a print for the binding, but in the end I stuck with my initial instinct and kept it simple.


I’m not, however, married to keeping the Signature Series solids only. It could work really well to use a print on the back and coordinating solids on the front.  Maybe eventually I will even try using different prints throughout the quilt, but for now I really love the modern look of the solids.

As I was finishing this quilt up, I realized it could also work well as a wall hanging. Now I’m not really one who goes for quilt wall hangings – it’s just not my thing – but this might be an exception.  It’s a perfect size and could be fun for a baby nursery.

What do you think of my new Signature Series baby quilt? I have a million color combinations that I am itching to add to the collection.  Time to get sewing!

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