Sawtooth Star Christmas Pillows

Earlier this year someone that I work with gave me a box of random fabric, unfinished quilt blocks, and sewing items that belonged to her mother who passed away years ago.  She thought I might be able to do something with the stuff, and I have!

In that box of goodies was a panel of four embroidered Merry Christmases.


Kind of random, and I’m not sure exactly what their original intent was, but I had an idea.  I thought I would use them to make into Christmas pillows.



I decided to make a Sawtooth Star pattern.  I used an edited version of Diary of a Quilter’s pattern.  I had to adjust it to account for the embroidered “Merry Christmas” part.  She offers 10 different sizes and I did 16” pillows.


I had two pillow inserts so I made two blocks, both using Heather Ross’ Sugerplum fabric.  I think they turned out really cute.

I quilted batting to both the front of each block and I did attach batting to the back fabric as well. The green pillow got a green back…


And the pink pillow got a pink back…

Pink Back

You could add a zipper to these pillows so that the covers are removable, but I didn’t have one so I simply hand-sewed them shut.

So there’s my little holiday pillow project.  I’m sending one of these pillows to the woman who gave me the embroidered Merry Christmases – I thought she would appreciate that since her mother did the embroidery. The other pillow will be a gift for someone else!

I still have two embroidered Merry Christmases left so maybe next year I’ll make two more pillows. Merry Christmas!

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