My Favorite Quilt

I’m often asked what my favorite quilt is and it’s a hard question to answer because there are so many that I like for different reasons, but there’s one that always stands out in my mind a little bit more than the others. It’s this one:


I made this quilt about five years ago and it started as a sketch on a piece of graph paper. And then it stayed like that for a very long time! I had an idea of the color scheme I wanted to go with but it took a while to find the exact fabric that would make it perfect.

I finally found it in Amy Butler fabric. I LOVE her fabric and after looking and looking, I combined her Belle, Soul Blossoms and Lotus collections. I think it’s only those three collections, but tell me if you see any others that snuck in there.


My goal was to randomly combine different fabric rather than try to stick with one fabric collection that would make it too uniform looking, and I think it works. It’s the randomness and the amount of colors and patterns that all seem to blend well together.


So there you have it. That’s my favorite quilt…for now!

Update (as of 5.29.16): As some of you have noticed and have contacted me about, there is another quilter who recently posted this quilt design to her blog (and other social media platforms) and is claiming the design as her own.  She is also selling a pattern and making money off of it.  Yes, I have contacted her and politely requested she stop.  Unfortunately, she has declined to do so.  As you can imagine, this is extremely disappointing and I am considering my next steps for handling this situation.  In the meantime, I want to thank the thousands and thousands of people who have read about this quilt, emailed me about it, commented about it, liked it, pinned it, shared it, or even just admired it from afar.  Your kind words and encouragement are what make the quilting community so wonderful.  I plan to address the greater issue of inspiration vs. plagiarism in a later blog post and would love to start a respectful conversation about it at that time.  More to come…

Update (as of 2.12.18): I finally did it!  I have written a pattern for this quilt.  I get so many requests for information about my Inman Park quilt that it is too much to keep up with and it finally became easier to just write the pattern.  But first a disclaimer: I am not a professional pattern writer.  This is the first pattern I’ve ever written!  Since this is my first try I am only charging $5.  That said, the pattern includes fabric requirements, assembly instructions, and photos.  I have listed it in my Etsy shop and you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

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      1. If you dated that sketch you could have proof that you designed it first and can patent and register the pattern. (Just my thoughts)

  1. I have many many brown fabrics (32ish) I used in another quilt and I am quite sure I have plenty of them left to make this as a throw or wall hanging for my livingroom. I am going to assume you laid them out in horizontal rows before sewing ??? The CUT size of the rectangles are 3″ X 2″ ??

    1. Hi Bonnie, The finished quilt is approximately 84″ x 70″. I made the white border 5″w. but you could certainly make that bigger if you want a bigger quilt. Or you could cut more rectangles if you like cutting :) And yes, the cut size of the rectangles are 3″ x 2″ that I laid out in horizontal rows before sewing.

      1. On site I said WOW! I worked across from a quilter in a senior housing, and she was making a quilt out of 2 or 2.5″ blocks and the design made a cross. She was going to show me how to quilt(all was done by hand) but she had a stroke and died before we got around to doing the sessions of quilting. I would love to see you do one like a cross! Also would like the pattern(or tutorial) as I am now disabled and stay at home to sew and quilt. Bless your on your God given talent!
        Absolutely amazing work you do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So many of my friends want to make this quilt,what did you start off with white or color pieces first in the corners and can we buy the pattern from you.

    1. Hi Dollie, I started with white pieces in the corners but they aren’t the whole 3″ x 2″ block – it’s a half a block.

      I have this quilt sketched out on graph paper and that’s the closest to a pattern that I have. I’ve received a lot of interest in this quilt so I may try and put a pattern together, although I’m really not a pattern writer so I’m not sure how good it would be! Maybe I’ll just do a tutorial blog post instead.

        1. I think it is awful that someone would publish your pattern. It’s an unwritten law that when patterns not printed can only be used for personal use. Such disrespect. I. So sorry. So many of us love it. I’m a new quilter so I would love a tutorial

      1. I really wish you would do a tutorial on this quilt I really want to try to make it and I am a very new quilter and could use all the help I can get

      2. I would love to see a tutorial on this quilt or if you decide to make a pattern I would like to buy one. I want to try my hand at this. I am fairly new to quilting and only been making some of the easier quilts.

  3. Angela, I have been looking for a tutorial on this quilt since seeing it on a blog recently.
    Would just love it if you do wind up doing a tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing your quilt with us. It’s such a pretty pattern!

  4. I think you should have someone help you create a pattern for this, or create one yourself…and then sell it! IT IS THAT GOOD!! I would buy the pattern in a hearbeat.

  5. I have so many pieces of fabric that i could make a large size quilt of this pattern. Think you should do a pattern for all us who love your quilt. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thanks for showing all.

  6. Love this layout. Can you please due a tutorial? Will love to see the whole quilt. Let me know when there is a pattern. Will buy it. Thanks.

  7. Good Morning and Hello from Wiliamsburg Virginia!! Love this quilt and fall seems like such a beautiful time of year for purple and brown colors!! I would love to see a tutorial also..absolutely beautiful and can be uses in so many color ways! thanks for sharing!!

  8. Love this quilt……have a lot of scraps that would work for this pattern…..HAVE YOU DONE A TUTORIAL YET….WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HAVE IT….I CURRENTLY LIVE NEAR ATLANTA AND WOULD LIKE TO MAKE MY OWN INMAN PARK…..

  9. Yes, please, a tutorial! Absolutely charming quilt. I can see why it’s your favorite. I would love to try it! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. This quilt is still one of the prettiest one I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing it and for answering all the questions about it.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing Inman Park! Absolutely stunning! I lived in Lilburn, GA years ago and worked in downtown Atlanta – it was the greatest experience for both myself and my daughter. Your colors also show the wonderful diversity of the area you named your quilt after. I would love a pattern or tute, but believe I can figure it out by what you’ve said. Thanks Again!!

  12. I absolutely love this quilt. Would love a pattern if you do one or if you wouldn’t mind sharing a copy of your sketch I might could make a pattern. I would love to do it in white with batiks. You have an amazing eye for putting color together. thanks so very much for sharing. I found it on Pinterest.

  13. My wife is tackling this quilt but has no idea how to handle the sides. Is there another picture avail with an edge?

  14. I was wondering if is possible to get a full picture of your quilt? I’m trying to recreate this quilt for my own personal used. I think is stunning and I would like to see the sides as well. Thank you so much.

  15. was looking through Pinterest and ran across your site – loved your Inman Park quilt – I would love to make it but I need a picture showing the edges – is it possible to send me one – I’d certainly appreciate it

  16. can you send me a better pic of inman park quilt I am trying to create it for my own personal use and I have never before created a pattern, but if I can figure out how to as I go along do you mind if I try to create a pattern and sell it giving you credit for design? Thanks Shelly

    1. @Shelly, I am thrilled that so many people have loved my Inman Park quilt and want to create one for themselves. I am more than happy to share more images and information for those who want to make their own version. I would, however, mind if you created a pattern and made a profit off of my design. I love the quilting community and love how we inspire one another in our work, but to take someone else’s idea and make money off it is design theft.

  17. that’s OK I understand, I’m new to quilting and would never want to do anything that would be considered theft, that’s why I asked if I could create the pattern as I go along and give you credit for the design. It’s a beautiful Quilt, I can see why so many would like the pattern. I purchased my first Design Wall, have cut 10000 little rectangles and spent the evening sticking them to the wall…..I think I have the sequence down…but don’t worry I’ll never tell :-) Can you send me better pics, I promise to only use them for my own version. Shelly

      1. What is your contact page email address? I’ve tried to go to your web site but couldn’t get to it??? Please help me out. I love your pattern & want to make it in black & white!! thanks it’s for my oldest (of15) grandson who’s getting married in August& I’ve been looking for a pattern for his wedding gift!!!

  18. Hi
    I would love to have a picyure of this quilt.Would you please send me one?
    How long did it take you to make it and how much of it is done by hand and machine.
    I think it is a very comfortable looking quilt and is very pleasant to look at. I bet it looks beautiful spread out on a bed.

  19. hi. I have been looking for quilt patterns to make my very first quilt. I have 7 granddaughters and my first grandson will be born in july. part of my bucket list when I retired was to make all my grandchildren a quilt. I have picked out a few of them and than I saw yours. absolutely beautiful. after reading all of the replies posted since you put your quilt online I see that you have not let a tutorial out yet on how you made it. I totally understand your concerns. you said you would send another image of your quilt for those who want to try to attempt to make a similar one. my question is would you advise someone like me who never made a quilt before should I attempt to try to wing it like that or should I wait till I have made a couple. either way could you send me another image so I can get a better view of the sides. I would love to use a pattern like this for one of my grandchildrens quilts. sorry this email is so long. I am just sooo excited to finally start quilting . I can look at different patterns for hours at a time. so many beautiful ones out there and yours is on the top of my list. thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. God bless. audrey

    1. @Audrey That is so great that you are making quilts for all of your grandkids! I’m on-board with your bucket list:)

      This quilt is not terribly difficult to make but, if it is your first attempt at quilting, an easy and simple patchwork quilt might be a good first one to try. However, if you are a longtime sewer and feel confident using a sewing machine, then go for it! I guess it depends on your comfort level.

      I am happy to send you some images. Please shoot me an email via my contact page on my website. I can then respond with images. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  20. Love the quilt, and like many others would like to make it with scraps that I have. Would appreciate any additional photos or instructions you might have available. Would really like a tutorial……Thanks so much!

  21. This is the perfect quilt for all the floral fat quarters I’ve collected over the years. This quilt is beautiful so glad I found it. A tutorial would be wonderful. In the meantime I will request a copy of your original graft. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Please could I have a full view ofthe Inman Park quilt,I’ve started a quilt just need to see how the sides finish out Thank you Becky

  23. Would like to see more images. I pinned it and I have 13 people to like it.
    Calico Cow Quilt Shop
    Roswell, NM 88201

  24. Hello Angela.
    My name is Karen and I live in Australia.
    Along with all your other followers, I love this quilt. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    I have read the comments left and I too am having trouble with the edges.
    I would sincerely appreciate it if you could send me a photo.
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards

  25. Hello – I emailed you from your contact page, hoping to receive a picture via email from you on the finished quilt – edges and all – I would love to make this using up my scraps! Your quilt is beautiful!!! :O) Thank you for sharing this!

  26. Please could you email me pictures of the edges of “Inman park”. It is an amazing quilt. Will try my hand at it! Excited I am!

  27. please send other image of your quilt as I would have fun making it. Very nice design. I like the idea that the pattern unfolds the more rows you sew together.

  28. absolutely love your quilt ! Beautiful work. Like everyone else on this blog I would love to see more images. I will use your contact page. I am interested in how you put the floral blocks together or did you strip piece the entire quilt? Thank you so much for sharing.

  29. I would so appreciate a picture of the top row to get started. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful quilt.

  30. Please send me any additional pictures you are able to send. Love the quilt, and like your idea of combining fabrics from different designs by the same designer. Good idea for other quilts also. Thanks and thanks for sharing!

  31. Beautiful Quilt. I am looking for a pattern for my first quilt. Love your idea of rectangle squares. Any additional information/photos would be very helpful, and appreciated. Thank you from Ontaio Canada.

  32. What a lovely quilt. My daughter saw a picture and immediately asked if I would make one similar-aquas and browns for her. May I have other views to help me in this project. I have just finished one for her daughter who will be taking it to college with her in the fall. Any information would be helpful. Thank you for your sharing. Glenna

  33. I would love some more information about this quilt. I love it! I have tried to email you, but have not heard back.

  34. I also would be interested in seeing another image. I’m not a great quilter – however – I’m a happy quilter who hoards scraps. I sure would like to use some of them. Thanks in advance.

  35. I absolutely love this quilt! It’s simply beautiful, and I would like to try to make it. Can I please have a picture of the full quilt so that I can figure out the edge, and border. Thank you for your creativity!

  36. This is a beautiful quilt, I would love to see a tutorial or a written pattern, please email me if you decide to share it!Thank you for showing it to us!

  37. Did you ever do a tutorial on this quilt and if so could you give me the website? Also if you have a pattern for it I would be interested in purchasing it from you. The quilt is beautiful! I have so many scraps this would work for.

  38. I saw your “favorite” quilt on Pinterest and came to your page looking for directions on how to make it. Have you done a tutorial yet? If not, you really should so that someone else doesn’t try to steal your idea. It’s a fabulous design. It needs to be in a quilt magazine or book. I’m interesting in getting the tutorial if you have one.


  39. WOW! You have so many requests for more pictures, a pattern or tutorial. You should have a grin from ear to ear! You sat down at the drawing board and did what a lot of us can’t do, and that is to make a quilt, all your own, that would be your favorite. Well not only did you succeed in that, but you also created a design that lots and lots of other Quilters would like to make also. You now have a chance to answer your “calling”, and that is to design and sell your own Patterns. That’s how a lot of busineses have taken off! I’m just trying to encourage you to make that leap, that is to think about the gift you have and either be proud or profitable. Either way, you win. Good Luck to you. From one of your many fans.

  40. Beautiful quilt!!! Could you please send me picture of the completed quilt. I love to try and make it. Thank you.

  41. This is the first time I have seen this pattern on any site I have checked. Right after my grandmother died in 1984 I received one of her quilts and it was this pattern. I do not know, nor have I ever found, a name for this particular pattern. Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  42. just want to be clear….the pieces are 2″x3″ cut size, making them 1.5″ x 2.5″ yes? Or, probably I have this wrong. I am going to draw this out on graph paper this morning. Thanks for being so generous!! Love this quilt! I purchased a pattern that looks similar to this. But yours looks super simple because the pieces are the same. Thanks…

  43. Beautiful quilt! I would love to see more pictures. Especially a full view picture. I emailed last week for more pictures.

  44. Love your quilt. I sent an email for more images and just wanted to mention I would love a tutorial also.



  45. I just want to tell you your quilt is beautiful and looks like it was fun to make. I found a link to your quilt on Missouri Star Quilt Company.

  46. This quilt is beautiful! Could I get some more images and a tutorial too? About how much material did you need? Thanks for sharing!

  47. I’m joining the ranks of big fans of this beautiful quilt. Couldn’t find a tutorial so not sure if you decided to do one or not. I would like to try this using a jelly roll and will use some stash for practice first, but I wonder if you’d share your insight on whether I could go with larger rectangles, perhaps 4″x 2″ finished, with fewer rows per block? I am mathematically challenged so tweaking sizes always seems more straightforward in my head than it turns out to be. Thank you!

    1. @Beeje I’m not exactly a math whizz either! However, if you were to do 4″ x 2″ blocks, the proportions won’t be the same and may not give you the same look. If you want to use a jelly roll, I believe you need to make the blocks 2.5″ x 3.75″ to get the right proportions. Or maybe 2.5″ x 3.5″ would work okay too.- Angela

  48. This is absolutely gorgeous. Would love to see a picture of the full quilt laid out flat. You are totally amazing! How long did this labour of love take? One of the prettiest I have ever seen. Have you entered it in any quilt shows? First prize in my eyes.

  49. I love this quilt. I’m just starting to quilt and my first one ( T-shirt ) is now completed :) I was wondering how many diamonds where in the first row and how many are in the second? and if I could get a picture of the full quilt. thanks a bunch your quilt is beautiful.

  50. Love,love,love!!! I’ve been cutting rectangles for weeks now. Totally scrappy! I’m cutting them 2.5″ x 1.5″ so the rectangles will finish 2″ x 1″. Haven’t done the math yet on how many rectangles are needed for my quilt, but I know I don’t have enough cut yet. Lotsa fun this one. Thanks for posting.
    Scrappy Linda

  51. Inman Park is so amazing and I will be emailing you a request for additional photo’s as soon as I track down your address. I just had to chuckle….it probably would have been less time consuming for you to draft a pattern than respond to all of us who have fallen in love with this quilt!! Your work is amazing and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration.

  52. Did you do a tutorial or pattern for this quilt yet? Really nice pattern. I don’t like a lot of white background, so this is perfect.

  53. Love this quilt. Would really be great just to use up all the scraps from misc quilts over the years that I just can’t seem to let go of.

  54. Love this quilt!
    I do hope you do a tutorial for it.
    I would love to make this for my husband.
    Thanks for posting looking forward to the tutorial! !

  55. hi i would live any info you could provide for me to have a go st your absolutely stunning quilt . I have thousands of scraps and after searching all ove the internet this is the nicest scrap quilt i have seen thanks sharee tasmania australia

  56. I have this quilt! My maternal grandmother and my aunt finished it the month I was born. 74 years ago. My aunt gave it to me before she died and it is one of my most treasured possessions. I did not know the name of the pattern, so thank you for that information.

  57. I love your quilt. Don’ think i can make it but would love to try. Would appreciate additional views.You are so sweet to provide views.
    Thank you

  58. I found this on Pinterest and would LOVE any additional information you can provide for me. Thanks and I love this quit.

  59. Love, love, love your favorite quilt (as obviously do a lot of Pinterest quilters). I appreciate your offer to send a full picture via email and have requested same through your Brooklyn Quilting Co. website. I also love your Signature Series baby quilts and share your love of all things Denyse Schmidt.

    1. Thanks Paula! I’m so glad you like my quilts.

      P.S. I’m working on a major Denyse Schmidt quilt now. It won’t be done for a very long time, but I’m slowly working on it and I think it will be awesome when it’s finished :)

  60. Hello, in the movie Groundhog Day there was a quilt on Bill Murry’s bed in the BandB. Does anyone know the name of the pattern? I think it’s so beautiful, much like the one above.

    Thanks Nanna

  61. i am a quilter and I love this one. I have bags of scraps and will use many of them in making a quilt from this pattern. It is beautiful continue the great work.

  62. I would like to receive another image of your lovely quilt.
    This would help me with using some beautiful scrapes I have saved. Thank you.

  63. would love some pics of entire Inman Park quilt. It is wonderful and I have lots of Amy Butler fabric that would work great, here. Thanks for sharing. Jo G.

  64. I.LOVE.THIS.QUILT. Would you mind emailing me pics of the quilt and the graph paper sketch of it? I have some Heather Bailey fabrics that just might be whispering “Inman Park.” Many thanks in advance for your kind help. Keep inspiring!!

  65. I love this quilt and want to make a kings use for my bed could u send me a picture of the full quilt please :) thank you

  66. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I’m definitely going to make it. Since I am a scrap hoarder, I have lots to work with. Approximately how many yards of background fabric do I need?

  67. I love you quilt and this would make a wonderful quilt for charity. A small group of us make around 100 quilts a year to give to chemo patients. We make 1 big quilt a year to buy batting. We get fabric donated and we make scrappy quilts. Please send me more picture and any information you can so I could make this quilt. Thank you very much.

  68. I love your Inman Park Quilt and would love to see some additional pictures. I have included my emai address.
    Thanks much.

  69. Could you send a picture of the quilt more details so i can count the pieces and try to make this with some scraps?
    Thank You, Lorraine

  70. I love the quilt and i would also like more pictures of it. I have made a couple of scrap quilts and would make this one if I can figure out the pattern. Jan

  71. What a wonderful quilt! You did a really great job! My first thought was that you used a charm pack squares and cut them in half. Which I suppose you could do. Although do you think it would make it too big? Do you have more pictures or any that someone else has done and copied you?

  72. I also love your quilt and in the process of cutting the blocks out of my scraps. I would very much like to see a picture of the entire quilt. It is a beautiful quilt. Thank you so very much.

  73. I love this quilt – very striking and well done. May I have a picture and instructions, please? I am a fairly new quilter and have been looking for a quilt pattern that
    said “make ME”. This one does. Thank you so much!

  74. I came across your stunning quilt on Pinterest! It really is a beautiful alternate to a courthouse steps (which I find a bit plain!) You’ve inspired me to finally break out my Amy Butler stash. It’s been waiting for the right pattern to really show it off! After reading the above comments you should be so proud and I’ll PM you re other images.

  75. I want to make this quilt for my daughter. I have the fabric and she loves this pattern. Could you please send me a full sized picture of the quilt? Did you make a tutorial?

  76. Oh dear, what an amazing quilt…….
    I really would love to have more pics on this quilt. Here in chilly Germany it´s exactly the sort of quilt to cuddle under!

  77. Please, please, please send me a copy of your graph design. I would love to make this quilt as well.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  78. What a beautiful quilt and your use of color outstanding. Hand quilting gave it the final step to perfection. Should encourage some of us to try hand quilting. I would appreciate some additional images to my email. I like your idea of using fabrics from several collections.

  79. Found your beautiful quilt on Pinterest. I absolutely love it and as my quilting experience is mostly rag quilting, I want to expand into this type of quilting. What I like about this quilt is you don’t seem to have to match up points. Would love to see pictures of the entire quilt from top to bottom, side to side.

  80. Please send me pictures of your quilt. I am interested in the layout and sides. It is beautiful. I have just organized my swing room next have lots of scraps that I want to use to make this quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  81. I love your Inman Park quilt! Please send me any other photos you can, especially of the edges so that I can try to “reverse engineer” your layout. If I am blessed to be able to finish this quilt it would be for my personal use. Like others, I’m thinking this would have to be put together in rows not blocks. Thank you for sharing this quilt and for your helpful posts!

  82. I would love to have a better picture of this quilt or a pattern if you have one. I have a jelly roll, Sapphire Sky. Thinking this would look good. Or I have another jelly roll called Bandana Florals which might be better.
    I live this quilt. I’m a beginner. I have made table runners and tote bags. Starting on quilt 5. Haven’t finished my last quilt. Want to make some quilt tops and use up the material I have.

  83. I would love to make this quilt for my own. I would use batik/african fabrics. May I have more images so I can also make a pattern? Thank you. BTW-your hand quilting is fabulous. Ginny

  84. It is so fabulous !! Please, I would like a few more images. I am 78 years old and kind of house bound because of my bad knees. I spend my days sewing or doing small craft items. I would so like to make one similar quilt for my only grand daughter before I pass on. Could you help me , please ??

  85. Love your quilt as so many others have said. Would like to have any other images or layouts that you have. Scraps quilts for all!

  86. I just finished this quilt top in a king size! Made it in sequences, then rows. All together over 3,000 rectangles! It is at the long-arm quilter now and I can’t wait to get it back. Thanks for sharing!

    1. @Debra. I’m trying to make the same size now. Can you tell me what you mean by sequences then rows? Do you have pictures?

  87. Fantastic piece of art! I would guess this could be an easy adaptation of around the world. Simply sew and move the blocks or create a block and shift the white space. You’ve gotten so many of these requests, I was wondering if you might consider contacting Missouri Star Quilt company. I bet they would make you a deal to do a tutorial of it. Just a thought! Thanks so much for sharing you work. It’s gorgeous and has my mind swerling with creativity. Happy quilting.

  88. I am joining the fan club :-) I keep coming back to your lovely picture of your awesome quilt!! I would love to receive more information if that is possible!! I would buy this pattern in a second if there was one available! love love love everything about this quilt :-) hugs from Holland xo Dees

  89. I just happened upon your quilt/blog with a link from pinterest. I have to ditto the comments above! I absolutely love this quilt. I will be giving it a try soon. If you do come up with a tutorial, please let us all know.

  90. Thanks for sharing the picture of your beautiful quilt. I respect your choice to design and make it for yourself. I am sure all the positive feedback is well meaning, but find everyone’s repeated requests somewhat annoying. You made it politely clear that you weren’t making a pattern or tutorial. I respect that. Thanks again for sharing the picture. It is beautiful and inspirational.

  91. Greetings from Michigan! I just love this quilt. Like many, I am fairly new to quilting and am looking for a new project. Would you please send me additional pictures of this amazing quilt? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


  92. What a gorgeous quilt. Did you try to write s pattern for it yet? A grid pattern would work for me. I really love it. I would be perfect for my son and his wife. Great pattern.

  93. I can see why this is your favorite quilt. It truly is a work of art. I will send you my email address so I can get the other photos that you talk about above. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. I am also going to start following you. Thanks!

  94. Such a gorgeous quilt. I am a new quilter and the gals in my quilt club are donating scraps so I can make it. How many yards for the white did you use? Thank you for the inspiration.

  95. I love this quilt and would like to make it. Please send me additional information and images you are willing to share. Thanks for sharing your quilts.

  96. i would love to have this also did you use jelly rolls or yardage if so how may jellyrolls or the amount of yardage for the size mentioned. please let me know if you do a pattern or a tutorial. also send full size pic. thanks for such a beautiful quilt.

  97. I have a bin full of Amy Butler fabrics back to Belle. I love your quilt but the fabrics are my favorite! Well done!

  98. Stunning design with perfect choice of fabrics. Pls send add’l pics with sides. Want to make one for each of my twin grandkids….a boy and girl. You are very talented!

  99. What a beautiful quilt! Please post a tutorial. I have soooo many scraps. I would love to make this quilt. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  100. Just a couple of comments. I too have admired this quilt for some time when I stumbled upon it over 1 year ago. It’s beautiful, hand quilted and in Amy Butler fabrics. Enough said. :) And as another person commentated, it is a bit annoying to see that you are still being asked for a quilt pattern or tutorial for this quilt some 2+ years later. Clearly, if either of these choices were your intentions you would have done so by now. Perhaps sadly, some blogger HAS created a pattern that is very similar to your Inman Park quilt and is selling it on Etsy. Is it plagiarism? The visible difference is that her pattern does not contain a border but all else brick size wise seems similar. I felt that you gave sufficient brick size information on your quilt for a decent quilter to figure out the rest and make it their own creation. Is this what happened with the person who created this pattern for sale? Unfortunately it is getting harder to protect ones creative designs that are posted on the internet. Once the design is out there for the world to see, there isn’t much stopping another person from packaging it to sell, sometimes with a slight alteration from the original design and sometimes with no alteration from the original design. The copy artist gives the design a new name, some new fabric choices and sells it as their own creation. Another blog that I read recently had a similar problem. Someone wrote a quilt pattern to sell on Etsy that looked a lot like a quilt tutorial posted on her blog site. She did contact the pattern seller and is evaluating her options for further recourse. I did forward to you by email, the information of the quilt pattern that looked similar to your Inman Park quilt. Keep creating beautiful work for us to enjoy.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Mary. Unfortunately you’re not the first person to recognize that this other quilter has renamed the quilt and is now passing the design off as her own. I’ve contacted her but she will not remove it. – Angela

  101. I too pinned your quilt a long time ago because I LOVE it. When I saw someone else’s version this morning, I immediately recognized it. I think this whole issue was made even worse when she put it on Open Studio. Not a nice thing to do to Bonnie Hunter.
    If you choose to publish, I’ll buy.

    1. Thanks for your support, Julie. I think us quilters need to take a stand against people who do this. I’ve heard from other quilters like you who love my original version and are disappointed to see what she’s done. But all of the positive feedback I’ve received has only made me love quilters more! One bad apple can’t ruin our wonderful quilting community! – Angela

  102. That’s a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear that someone is claiming that they designed this. I am a beginner and I hope to make quilts as nice as this one. I don’t plan on selling but just a Hobbie and making for family and friends as its time consuming and expensive.

  103. i agree with everyone it’s a beautiful quilt and like everyone I would be interested in purchasing the pattern . You definitely have to speak up for yourself, sorry someone decided to take credit for you pattern that is awful.

  104. I would like to purchase the pattern. Could you please let me know how much it is and if I can get the pattern for a king size.

  105. I first saw this quilt on Pinterest. Lovely job. So sorry that someone else is taking credit but imitation is the pure form of a compliment! I agree on the tutorial, looks like you have a consensus! You are a designer but don’t recognize it in yourself. Get with another quilter who can critique you honestly and get designing girl! YOU’VE GOT TALENT!

  106. Hi! I’m always looking for new quilt patterns and your quilt popped up. its beautiful! I’ve never commented on a quilt,but couldn’t resist .how many blocks in a row!

  107. I have completed your quilt pattern just by looking at picture. I am now hand quilting it (queen size) Did you quilt each rectangle, by rows, or other? Did you use a quilt Frame? Any hand quilt tips would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Marilyn. I quilted each rectangle individually and then I did straight lines in the white border. When I hand quilt, I prefer to use an embroidery hoop rather than a quilt frame. I find it easy to use and more portable. I think the hoop I use is about 14″ across. You could probably use one a little bit bigger, but if it gets too big it might be hard to hang onto and get your arms around. – Angela

  108. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing problems with your website.
    It seems like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody
    else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well?

    This may be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this
    happen previously. Thank you

  109. I made this quilt for my daughter. Tried to paste a pic in the comments, but couldn’t. She loves it and now my older daughter wants me to make the same pattern for her! It was a pain in the heck making all those short seams across the rows! The result, however, was a beautiful quilt. I machine quilted crosshatch every 3 inches. Thanks so much for sharing,

  110. Angela, your quilt and work is beautiful. I’m sorry someone is trying to steal your work as theirs. Very sad. Thank you for posting this beautiful artwork.

  111. Love this quilt l am in Aussie land can you please send me a picture or a full view of the quilt so l can get an idear of what to do . Thank you .

  112. So very beautiful , you are very talented , I know a lot of people have asked for more info on your quilt , could you also include me to your list . Thanks in waiting

  113. Your quilt is so impressive. I have hundreds of quilts pinned for inspiration, and I keep coming back to this one.

    I’m sorry that someone has taken credit for your design. What a shame.

  114. This is such a perfect scrappy quilt…I started a row of white blocks and I’m going to just keep adding a row at a time until its as big as I want…cool and seriously whittles down my scrap pile.

  115. Love quilts but this one takes the cake. Never done one with no tutorial before but am definately going to give this one a whirl. Will let you know outcome. Your photos look as though this is sewing machine stitched but with hand quilting; is it both? Can’t wait to do this and wow my friends. They can figure their own way out. Maybe all of our quilts will be a little different. If fun! Love another photo or two if you can spare. Thanks so much for your time and sharing just to look at this gorgeous thing. If you need supporters over your thief, sure you have enough followers!! Thanks again, Gigi

  116. Another fan her…every time I see this my heart skips a beat! Just a beautiful combination of fabrics matched witha pattern that showcases them perfectly. Love it more each time I see it, so may have to make one of my own. Thanks for sharing your photos and time with fellow quilters!

  117. I would love a copy of this pattern. I lost my mom a year ago this September and I would love to do this quilt in her honor and make one for me and my three brothers.

  118. I too am impressed with your Inman Park design. Please send me more information regarding making it. Thank you for sharing!

  119. I have been looking for a scrappy quilt that I liked and this is beautiful. If you could send me more information on this quilt, I would really appreciate it.

  120. OMG! That quilt is so gorgeous. What do you think of using just scraps? I have so many. Really one of the prettiest quilts I have ever seen.

  121. Hi, I would love to buy this pattern It is a great quilt to use scraps on If you don’t have the pattern could I see a picture of the whole quilt? This quilt is beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it on Pinterest!

  122. There should be some intervention available through the various platforms such as takibg the offenders posts down everywhere it is incomprehensible to me that someone would do such a thing there is really no protection for us

  123. Angela,
    I would also be interested in more info to make this quilt. I was thinking it would be a great Christmas fabric scrap quilt.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  124. Can you email me any info on the Inman park quilt would love to make one but I’m new to quilting so I need a pattern or something to go by

  125. Love this quilt! Already got regtangles cut out for it. Would like to see another image as well to help get it started! Thanks! Ellen

  126. I love this quilt. I wish you could publish a pattern. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I am a novice quilter and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to even start this quilt. Your choice of fabrics is incredible and the quilting is perfect. Since I cannot make this quilt, I will just have to keep coming back and admiring yours.

  127. I came across this beautiful quilt when looking for new ideas.
    It looks so classic! So, while I was looking and looking and looking through the Brooklyn Quilting Co … I am just amazed and pleased to view all the beautiful work that you do, and how you treasure the past and your family.
    My daughter is an Art Teacher and has her masters in fiber arts. Much of what you have remind me of her work.
    I live in Michigan, but was born in Brooklyn (live in Nassau county as a child).
    My nephew does antique sales, I may send him your way (Michael Bauer).
    Thank you for sharing the dimensions of the blocks, from that I can figure a pattern; I use Microsoft excel to plot mine and figure out fabric requirements.
    I have some paisley fabric that I’m thinking might work well for the color and perhaps pick up a blue-ish white between the color.
    Thank you again for your generosity in sharing all your beautiful designs and comments on fabrics.

  128. I love your quilt, scrap quilts are what I like to make and give away, could I make your quilt to give away please
    Thank you

  129. Hi from New Zealand. I’ve been checking for a pattern for your quilt for a really long time now. Could you please let me know if you do intend to make a tutorial/pattern, or if you are not going to. Your work is gorgeous! Many thanks.

  130. Here it is a year later and I’m still in love with this quilt. This year I plan on making it. I would like permission to give to a local group for the express purpose of fund raising. I’m thinking batiks or Kaffe fabrics.

  131. I am so in love with this quilt. I am going to attempt to make one of similar nature for my 90 year old mother. She and I both love the mix of fabric prints and solids. Mom has spent her life making quilts for her 6 kids, many grand and great grands..past time for me to gift her one. Her quilting days are over due to health issues but she knows what she likes when she sees it and she loved your quilt! Thank you for sharing.

  132. Thank you for sharing this beauty! And too bad that the “pattern/idea hijacker” is playing dirty. Shameful – Anyhoo….I will certainly share your pics and links via my social media. And wow, you’ve inspired me to gather some fabrics from this same line. Thanks

  133. Hi, Came across your quilt today. I made one like it, only
    mine is 13 rows and is in calico prints and by far my
    favorite. The pattern is a variation of sunshine and
    Shadow. I found the pattern in Better Homes and Gardens Patchwork quilting book in 1986. so you know
    how old Iit is. Like your version so much, I am going to
    Make another. I am 83 years young. Phyllis

  134. This quilt is beautiful. If you ever get a pattern I would love to buy it from you. have lots of scraps.

  135. Tried to make this wonderful scrappy quilt and bogged down and abandoned it.
    Please please make a pattern for us, or do a tutorial!

  136. I certainly hope that you will make a tutorial for this. It is a gorgeous quilt and I love your choice of fabrics. If I made it, I would want it to look just like this. It’s so welcoming and it draws you in!!
    Whatever you do, I applaud your creativity and workmanship! AWESOME!

  137. I would love to se your tutorial or purchase the pattern for this quilt. I can see it with autumn colors and a creamy tone on tone fabric…one can dream, right?!

  138. Love the quilt! I sent you a request for more info. in your contact page, but I haven’t heard from you. I’m not sure if you’re still providing more information please let me know. I really love the quilt and I’m looking forward to purchasing a pattern or watching the tutorial. Thank you!

  139. I would like to make this quilt for my mom. She is in a skilled nursing facility and this would certainly brighten her room. I can remember sitting around quilting frames as a young girl and still have the frames in my basement. I will appreciate any pictures or sketches that might help me put this together for mom. Thanks.

  140. I would so love to make this quilt (possibly many) as I can see it in so many colorways and even scrappy. I am requesting more instructions if you would please send them. Thanks

  141. May I have a pic of the quilt. I’d love to make one for myself. It is a lovely quilt. Thanks very much. I am so sorry that someone would steal a pattern like that. Things eventually catch up to people who do others wrong.

  142. I came across your quilt and instantly knew what I was going to make with some Kaffe Fasset squares I was wondering why I bought them. I read your statement about that terrible woman who took your design and claims it for herself. I don’t understand the greed of some people and dishonesty they exhibit. I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror seeing a thief looking back at me. I didn’t read through all the comments but I truly pray she gets paid back for her dishonesty. I will be using your design to create a throw for a child fighting cancer. I use many designs I find on Pinterest to create throws I donate to these children in hopes of having something warm and cozy when they feel at their worst or any other time in their young life that gives them comfort. Say a prayer my hands can create as beautiful a copy as is the original and know I won’t say it is my own design…..Bless you for your wonderful talent.

  143. I think you should go after her, I really would like to know who it is so I don’t make the mistake of getting anything from her. All the best with your case against her. I really love your pattern and plan to try and make one from your picture. Wish me luck.

  144. I love your quilt and want to try making it. Could you send me another picture and any instructions you could share.


  145. Hi Brooklyn Quilting;

    I try and try to make this pattern and try to put in squares but I cant, I so up-set, I just want to cry. Can you help me in any way to do this quilt, I really really like it. I feel like a failure if I cant do it. I spent so much money on the materials and I wasted so much. Thank you,

  146. love making scrappy quilts and this fits the bill. don’t know how you made it, but I cut all the pieces first and made it line by line. worked perfectly and was very quick and easy to put together, doing it this way. good luck

  147. Your quilt is beautiful! You are very talented and creative. If, possible please send me additional pictures or information. I have been quilting for about 25 years and have always liked to make different patterns that are classics. Most of my quilts are either fall or Christmas material and have given to family, friends, or for charity fund raising. Congrats again on a very lovely quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  148. Hi, I am new at quilting. I have been looking for quilt pattern that I think I might be able to make. Have read alot of comments that people would love to buy this pattern. So, are you selling the pattern? If so, how does one go about getting it? You did a beautiful job on your design. I know everyone loves it.

  149. Hi, I’m trying to duplicate this quilt as a gift for a friend. Do you think one Jelly Roll will be enough to finish the entire quilt, minus the white blocks? I’d hate to get started and not have enough to finish. Thank you for sharing this beatiful quilt with us.

  150. Such a beauyiful quilt. Keep coming back to see it. Would love to make it. How can a see your quilt to make one for my granddaughter that is due in April of 2018. Highly appreciate your wisdom.

  151. Would love a pic if you don’t mind sending of full front – am trying to decide on doing something similar with fabrics I was given recently.

  152. Great job! So sorry for the loss of your teacher. I work with some older ladies with amazing talent. Every moment possible we steal away from the world for more quilting lessons.
    I tried to read through all the messages to see if you completed a scan of your graph sketch or your own pattern but I got overwhelmed. This is a beautiful creation and I would love to work on something simple like this with my granddaughter that is just starting to quilt at 11 yrs old.
    If you have a full pic and or close up block pics or tips I would greatly appreciate the share.

  153. Love❤️Love❤️ Your quilt. I would like to have some pics of your quilt for I want to do one for my bed. Not a expert quilter. Would like to see a pic of how you did your corners and started your quilt. Thanks so much ?

  154. Hi Angela,

    I stumbled over this site and love the quilt. While I am new to quilting it is one I would like to try. I’ve read that you offered additional information to those who requested it and am wondering if you would do the same for me.

    Thank you.

  155. I also love this quilt and hopefully I will be able to find this quilt pattern or at least a picture of it. Its very beautiful

  156. I am a brand new quilter. Still working on my very first, but needed to take a brief intermission because I just had surgery on my arm. I’ve been looking at many quilts through Pinterest and saw yours it is definitely one I want to make. You said that you don’t really have a pattern for it, but that you drew it out on graft paper. All the graft paper I ever saw were squares and your quilt is rectangles did you draw it out as squares or did you adapt the graft paper to rectangles? I simply adore this quilt.

  157. Hey….my dear hubby figured this out too! Just did a sketch and figured out how many rows for a 120X120 king quilt ( I like my quilts to cover the bed well)! I had him figure it with finished 2X3 rectangles. The quilt top is finished….I do my own free motion quilting, but have only done stippling. Not sure if I want to try something new because I love this quilt! How can I send you a picture of it? And just as an FYI, I will not capitalize on the pattern…if I can make one from your picture, so can someone else from yours or mine! I think it is horrible that someone did that to you. Thanks for making me happy making your quilt design ??

  158. What a great way to use scraps! LOVE the random placement of colors. Sometimes it’s hard to see where one color ends and another begins. This is definitely on my to do list. While it is possible that another could come up with the same idea, it’s a shame that she has chosen to profit from your design. I’m definitely trying this one.

  159. I’m looking to do this quilt too using my scraps. It won’t have quite the same unified look as your beautiful quilt but it will use up scraps. It seems to be strips rather than blocks. That will be a new focus for me. It’s a shame that quilter has no ethics.

  160. Hello… I absolutely love this quilt and would love to make one for myself with the many scraps I have collected over the years… have seen you telling people to email for more info and hoping you could send a photo or pattern to me … will gladly pay for it!!! Thank you so much… your work is beautiful ?

  161. Please send me more information about the
    quilt. Really would like to make it. If you have a pattern I would like to order it. Or any help you could help us with this quilt.

  162. I love this beautiful quilt and would like to make a Quilt of Valor with this design and use all my patriotic fabric I have in my stash!

  163. My husband passed away in July. I have cut all of his cotton shirts up in 2.5” strips. I am making a quilt for each of my six children from them. Could you possibly email me a pattern of this quilt? I think it would work so well with the scraps I have.

  164. love love love this quilt, i have made a few quilts, soon retiring and have saved all my uniforms over the years so when i did retire i could cut them up and make a quilt out of them, any help with size of strips, or any other info would be great, even a picture would be great.
    Thanks so much

  165. Is this made with blocks or is it done by making one row at a time and sewing together as each row is compleated ? I can’t picture a block in it , where blocks are put together. I think it would be dificult to do one row at a time.
    Thank you
    Beautiful quilt

  166. Your quilt is beautiful! I am a knitter and sewer but have never made a quilt. I have so much fabric and am ready to make one now. I CANNOT believe someone would take your beautiful creation and try to pass it off as their own. It is so egregious. I am really sorry that happened to you. I really hope this person come to their senses and you get this straightened out. You deserve the credit for this beautiful piece of work. Thank you for posting.

  167. I have 14 Grandchildren, all have a baby quilt and a large quilt. I am now making high school graduation quilts. I would love to make this one for Ellie who has artistic tendencies. It fits her. A pattern or more images would be most helpful if you can. Thank you. Sorry for the experience you’ve had with plagiarism.

  168. I have spent years looking at something that I like and going home to make it. I was blessed with a talent that my family calls backward engineering. At the same time I only make it for personal use. Usually what I saw wasn’t exactly what I wanted to fit in my home so thats why I usually made it how I wanted it exactly. I have never made something other than haorbows that I stole the idea off of someone else. It was usually a cheer group that couldn’t find someone with enough bows to match everyone and that didn’t want to make that many anyways. So it wasn’t really stealing money from them if they didn’t want to do it.

    I have been annoyed with the blatant disrespect of so many Crafters have to make a penny, get a view or get a like. I have found many times it’s because they can’t come up with ideas of their own. So they take some one else’s and claim it as theirs.

    I love this quilt and I am sorry you are not getting the Cerdit you deserve. I have looked at it and can easily tell how it is made. I will be buying the pattern even though its probably won’t be the size I need but I feel you deserve the respect of me using it.

    My husband and I have adjustable beds which come out to be two twinXL. I have been searching months for the exact pattern I want to do a mix of grey prints with some white sashing to match our room. I am so excited I finally came across this tonight.

    Thank you for your time and talent that went in to creating this so I finally have what I want. I have also drawn about 20+ patterns and they still weren’t what I want. I look forward to sharing it with you when it’s all down.

    Again thank you for sharing and God Bless. Hopefully she will finally gave Cerdit where it’s due

  169. Love the quilt. Would you add me to send pics of the Inman Park. I have a lot of scraps and this pattern would be super to make. Many thanks. Lucy

  170. When I first seen this quilt, I said this is for me. I love to hand quilt. This is a beautiful quilt, you did A great job. I bought the pattern from Etsy, just now. Thank you so much. And Happy Quilting to everyone!

  171. I’m making this quilt right now. It’s labor intensive but coming along beautifully. Thank you for posting the pattern.

  172. When you put something on paper that is your copyright so always date it. Your quilt is stunning I am so glad you got your pattern out. I cannot wait to start this. Keep up with making patterns. You certainly have a knack for it

  173. I love that quilt
    you are very talented
    Unfortunately there are those that will always take advantage
    Karma is a wonderful thing

  174. Yay!! Been admiring this quilt for ages, so glad you adapted a pattern, just downloaded it from Etsy, and itching to get started! A dear friend is almost done with hers and I fell in love all over again!! Thank you so much for putting pen to paper for us!!

  175. I am thinking about this quilt in light and dark fabrics. Any thoughts? Or is there anyone reading this who has done lt and dk.? Could do Lt and Dk in each motif. Could do whole motif in Lt. and then in Dk fabrics. I just can’t visualize either. Your quilt keeps popping up in my head.

  176. Hi – in response to creative – inspirational plagerism – I saw this pattern in one of our old church building brick work – and I’ve seen it recently in a pottery barn book. Not sure you can claim this as your pattern ….?

    I copied the pattern from our buildind – drew it, did a first run at making it and it’s a UFO – I admire your use of color!

  177. I saw this quilt design a long time ago, and fell in love . My quilting mentor felt it was to much for my talents,which were minimal at the time. I HAVE SINCE ADVANCED and feel I can tackel it. I am so happy to know I can get the Pattern. thank you for all your efforts. fellow quilter Sylvia

  178. I love your pattern! I had saved a screenshot of it a few years ago. I ran across it today and Googled Brooklyn Quilt, and I found it on Etsy! I immediately bought it, and it’s probably going to be my next quilt! Thanks for your hard work!

      1. Thanks for your most beautiful quilt, I have a request from a friend that did me a great favor,@ 86 yrs I may start, would also appreciate any info. I agree that wide borders would complete it to her king size request. God bless you to stay healthy(I’m slowly recovering from back fractures, with a very good pain doctor that has received excruciating pain. Thank you so much.

  179. Hi, I just purchased your quilt pattern off Etsy, I’m excited to start this for my niece, but would like it to fit a queen size bed. Do you know how I can increase the size strip by strip?

      1. That’s what I was thinking maybe put the first border on the do a 2” strip with the fabric I’m using then put another 5-6” border. Or what ever size I will need. Thank you

  180. That’s what I was thinking maybe put the first border on the do a 2” strip with the fabric I’m using then put another 5-6” border. Or what ever size I will need. Thank you

  181. I just finished my quilt sandwich. I love your finished quilt with each piece outlined but I am SO intimidated about doing this. I have never hand quilted a quilt and stuck. Can you let me know about how long it took you to hand quilt this piece? Do you have any suggestions on machine stitching patterns if I do not hand quilt. I have never been so stuck. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Laura,
      I’m not sure how long it took me, but I do find stitching in the ditch or 1/4″ from the seam to be the easiest. I’m not an expert on machine quilting so I’m afraid I can’t help you there. If you really want to hand quilt it, I would make a quilt sandwich with some scrap pieces and do a little practicing before taking on an entire quilt. It’s really not difficult and I love the imperfection of hand quilting. You can’t screw it up! You can do it! – Angela

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