Ludlow – Finished

This quilt has been a journey.  Not in a bad way, just that it took more time and effort than I had planned on.  In the end, though, it’s been worth it.

Ludlow 4

This fabric is the Ludlow collection from Denyse Schmidt.  I only bought a fat eighth bundle when I got it, and I had to cut into it for something else, so I didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with from the beginning.  Then at the start, I misjudged how many blocks I would be able to make but soon realized I would need sashing if I wanted it to be at least a lap sized quilt, which I did.

Ludlow 3

I don’t mind the sashing because it’s different than what I normally do, and in this case, I think it really makes the blocks pop.  But usually, in my opinion, using sashing often makes quilts look a bit more traditional than my personal taste.

Ludlow 6

In the end it all worked because I had the perfect backing fabric that I have been saving for something special.

Ludlow 5

This is Little Folks voile fabric from Anna Maria Horner.  It feels so silky soft and I absolutely love the pattern.  Plus it pairs perfectly with Ludlow.  There was only one problem: my quilt was just a few inches too wide.  (I had not thought ahead to backing fabric when I made the top.)

Ludlow 2

So…I took the entire quilt apart and trimmed the sashing.  I took off a little bit more than I needed to and could have left the sashing a bit wider – I wish I wouldn’t have done that but oh well.

Then, after I put it all back together and had started quilting it, I realized I had an error in one of my blocks and had a piece turned the wrong way.  Ugh!  I would have left it but I hadn’t quilted that part yet and could still fix it. The perfectionist in me couldn’t let it go, so once again I took a section of this quilt apart and fixed the block.  It would have bugged me forever if I had left it.  It was a major pain but I’m glad I did it.

Ludlow 1

After all my fixes and reworking of this quilt, I love the finished product.  It’s a perfect little lap quilt.

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