Half Hexagons – Finished

The Half Hexagons quilt featuring Denyse Schmidt’s Katie Jump Rope fabric is officially done!


When I first posted the quilt top in a June blog post, I was seriously rethinking my decision to group the fabrics together by print instead of randomly distributing them throughout the quilt.  I still think I probably should have randomly distributed them, but the groupings have kind of grown on me.



For the back of the quilt, I used a vintage piece of fabric I found in an old box of my grandma’s quilting supplies.


The colors, the little flowers…I think it works perfectly with the Katie Jump Rope fabric.


It’s hard to see in the images, but the quilting is really dense quilting that follows the hexagons.


So there you have it!  Another Denyse Schmidt quilt in the books.


P.S. I have so much Denyse Schmidt fabric I could make quilts with only DS fabric for the next few years and never run out.  Seriously.

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