Garden Party

That’s the vibe I’m getting from this quilt – a summer garden party. I also think I’m hanging on to the very last bits of summer, as it’s quickly slipping away and the first few signs of fall keep popping up here in New York.


I’ve slowly been collecting some Amy Butler pieces and I finally had what I wanted to make the quilt pattern I had in mind. The inspiration for this pattern comes from a vintage tablecloth I picked up earlier this year at the Brooklyn Flea.  Since I got it in April, this tablecloth has had a permanent place on my dining room table.  I love it and pretty much think it is the most perfect tablecloth ever.


After months of looking at it, one day it occurred to me that it could make for a really great quilt pattern. I immediately thought Amy Butler fabric would make it extra special, and so my quilt idea began to take shape.

I started by putting the tablecloth on the floor and laying pieces of fabric on it to plan which pieces of fabric I wanted where. This part took a long time because I kept moving fabric around and changing my mind. I also had different sizes of fabric – some a lot smaller than others – and had to keep that in mind in order to make it all fit together.


I went back and forth between having a uniform look with each side mirroring the other, and making it different with nothing being the same. In the end it’s a little bit of both.  The final decisions came down to what fabric I had available and what I thought looked best.



The quilt isn’t exactly like the tablecloth but it is pretty close.  I love how all of the different patterns mix together and I also like how the overall color of the quilt leans towards that yellowy green color.  It’s not a color I use much of and I always like to step outside of my color comfort zone.


I’m now planning the back of this quilt. It turns out I have a large solid piece of that yellow green color in my stash that matches perfectly.  For a minute I thought about doing something a little more subtle for the back, since the front is so loud, but I don’t think I’m going to go in that directly.  I think I’m going to go with the yellow green.  Go big or go home, right?!?!

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