Far Far Away

I’m checking in to share my Far Far Away quilt top.  As I mentioned on Monday , I had a charm pack of the Heather Ross Far Far Away collection and I thought it would best be used as a baby quilt.  The collection is perfect for it and I had just the right amount of fabric.


I wanted to do something a little softer looking so I went with a gray background for the blocks.  I admit it’s looking a little dull right now, but I still have high hopes that this one is going to come together well.  I also think some of the dullness is my poor photography skills!


It’s kind of hard to see in the photos, but the squares are not completely centered in all of the blocks.  I wanted to make it a little less perfect looking so the Far Far Away squares are placed in different parts of each block.


Even though there’s already a lot of gray, I plan to use the same gray for the back.  I’ve been using a lot of bright and bold colors in my quilts lately and I’m in the mood for a more subtle look.  So gray it is!

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