Boxed In

Remember how I wrote here about my favorite quilt?  I may have a new one, or at least a second favorite.  I think it’s the color combination of this project that makes my heart skip a beat.

Late this summer I went on a bit of a fabric shopping spree and got a pretty big stack of new fabric.  This was my first time breaking in to it, and you know that feeling of being excited to use new fabric but also nervous to make the first cut?  That’s exactly how I was feeling about it!  I loved the fabric so much and I wanted to make sure that I was using it well.

The prints in this quilt come from Dear Stella and are really pretty.  So pretty that part of my angst about cutting it came from wanting to find a design to highlight the fabric as best I could. This is what I landed on, and I’m happy to say that I have no regrets.

After I had all of my blocks pieced together I spent quite a bit of time rearranging them into a way that I liked.  I originally started with a repeating pattern but it just didn’t look right.  What I finally ended up with actually has a little bit of rhyme and reason to it, but it’s mostly random.  Strategically random.

For the back, I had a big piece of Kona Cotton in the Oyster color that matches perfectly with the neutral color in the Dear Stella prints.  The remainder of the back is scrap pieces from the front I had leftover.

Speaking of leftovers, when I started this quilt I was unsure of the size I wanted to end up with, so I made some extra blocks thinking I would probably use them and make a larger quilt.  But…I didn’t end up using them so I have enough blocks left to make a baby quilt.  I’m adding that to my to-do list and you will (eventually) find it in my Etsy shop!

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One comment

  1. Fabulous! Interesting back side because it
    isn’t just one piece of the same fabric. Your grandma never did that so I think she’ll be impressed.

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