Avenues – Finished

Here we are in February and I’m finally getting around to writing my first post of 2021.  I’m so much better on Instagram!  You can follow me @brooklynquiltingco there. Regardless, I do still like to try and post here on the blog so my photos have another place to live online.

And with that, here’s my first finished quilt to share in 2021.

Avenues Finished

This quilt block was an experiment that turned out…OK.  I don’t love it but I also don’t hate it.  This block was inspired by a pillow I saw and I think it works better as a single pillow rather than many blocks sewn into a quilt.  But quilting is all about experimenting and I have no regrets.

You can read about it in my original blog post and the inspiration for it HERE.

Avenues Finished 4

I do, however, like pink so I’m calling the color combo a win.

Avenues Finished 2

The one thing that does always work for me is a scrappy quilt back, which I think most of my quilt backs are.

Avenues Finished 3

I have lots of new things I’m working on in 2021 and will be sharing on Instagram, with the occasional blog post when I get to it.  Tune in!

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